Obsessed: 3R Studio

I used to think that I didn’t have a definitive style that I preferred throughout my home – I liked a bit of everything. Then I realized after evaluating the items that I’ve hearted the most each week in the weekly loved series, I am leaning into classic farmhouse elements more than ever. I’m craving all the warm wooden furniture and rattan/seagrass textures. Luckily we have a ton of scrap wood laying around that I can use to incorporate into our home however when it comes to the items that I can’t [or don’t want to, lol] DIY myself 3R Studio has got me covered. I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this brand and fell in love immediately with almost every piece they feature. I loved their decor so fiercely that I knew my fellow farmhouse lovers would feel the same, so if that’s you buckle up! You’re going to want everything they offer.

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Pinterest image for 3R studio

the details

Metal Oval 2-Tier Tray // $58

Metal Wall Rack and 3 Tin Pots with Hangers // $41 // these would look so cute in a playroom or homework station!

Creative Co-op 46″ Wood Metal Wall Mirror // $286

Round Bamboo Floor Baskets w/ Wood Legs, Set of 3 // $197 // these planters are really warm and I love the texture of the bamboo

Enameled Metal “Bread” Box // $76

Stoneware Pots, Set of 3 // $120

Glass Vase with Metal Frog Lid // $37 // this vintage inspired piece is so beautiful for any room

Brown Decorative Vases, Set of 3 // $42

White Buckets, Set of 3 // $95

Wood-Framed Wall Weekday Chalkboard with 5 Metal Hooks // $220 // this would be perfect for an entryway or mudroom

Galvanized Metal Shelf // $38

Decorative Metal & Glass Hourglass // $66 // I’m thinking home office all the way for this piece

“Lost Socks” Wall Decor with Clothespins // $44

Round Wire Hanging Glass Vases with Crystals // $81 // my favourite find of this round-up

Studio Decorative Metal Containers, Set of 2 // $115

6-Pc. Fir Wood Crate with Glass Bottles // $52

Decorative Painted Wood Ladder // $98 // I love that this blanket ladder is made from natural material, I really enjoy bringing nature indoors


What were you drawn to the most? For me it’s definitely the Round Wire Hanging Glass Vases with Crystals [on sale right now for $80] that takes the cake! Instantly dress up any setting with whimsy, artsy, farmhouse style at the core of these decor items.

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Obsessed: vintage furniture

Lately I’ve been loving on vintage furniture and the character that it brings into a space. It creates a lived-in feel without having to sacrifice space for functionality and is super easy to up-cycle! Check out your local thrift shops and consignment stores for vintage furniture at a reasonable price — if you’re willing to spend a little bit more then head to an antique shop or market. Garage sales are also another great source for vintage furniture at a great price and typically you can negotiate the sale! Today I’m bringing you some vintage inspiration with beautiful furniture pieces and how to incorporate each one into your home.


Vintage Card Catalog

Card catalogs were used a ton in library’s back in the early 1900’s — it contained cards on every book that the library system owned. They range in size and styles and you can find an abundance of up-cycle inspo for this specific furniture item on Pinterest.

vintage: 4-drawer oak card catalog, 20-drawer library card catalog [only one available]

new: oxford two drawer console table, pink painted 36-drawer cabinet

Hoosier Cabinet

This was the cabinet every women wanted in their home during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It revolutionized the kitchen to resemble something of what we know now, with beautiful built in cabinetry.

antique: oak Hoosier style cabinet


Vintage wooden wardrobe for linens

No linen closet? No problem, vintage wardrobes have got you covered.

vintage: Falster wardrobe, antique armoire wardrobe, European painted wardrobe

new: wood & metal wardrobe, handcrafted solid teak wood wardrobe

Antique bookcase with sliding glass panes

I can think of so many different things that you could do with this bookcase — in my house it would probably be used to house my plants but I think it would virtually work in any room!

vintage: mid-century modern walnut glass front bookcases, 19th century walnut bookcase

new: heirloom storage cabinet


Vintage Hutch

I love the weathered look of this hutch, it truly looks like a classic vintage farmhouse find.

vintage: vintage solid hutch, vintage large standing cabinet in green [only one available]

new: classic Cadiz hutch

Antique China cabinet

Formally to store China and dishes, now used to store just about anything! There’s many different styles and unique variations of these gorgeous cabinets so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your aesthetic.

vintage: walnut dining room China cabinet

new: mahogany grey China cabinet

Older pieces have a way of livening up any home giving it that lived in cosy feel, and many tend to be made with the kind of oldschool craftmanship you just can’t find anymore with mass production!

Do you have any vintage finds in your home?


This Weeks Top Trending: 04.09.21

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week and got to enjoy some nice spring weather wherever you’re from! We got outside a ton this week and did some cleaning up around our yard. I also took a trip to visit the greenhouse and got some gorgeous yellow indoor mums however not much else was out yet – I’ll try again in a few weeks!

Today we’re rounding up all the top trending products that you guys loved and added to your carts this past week. There’s lots of spring inspired picks and outdoor furniture so let’s dive in!


Fashion Staples for Spring

I’m loving this neutral cream jumpsuit with a built-in belt to define your waist from H&M. It can easily be dressed up for an event or outing with a simple blazer, some heals and accessories or you can wear it super relaxed at home or running errands.

H&M cream jumper

I love the colour of this ribbed mock button front dress it’s very suitable for spring and the fit will definitely flatter your curves. If you aren’t into dresses check out this extremely similar skirt.

mock button down spring dress

To me, these AE mom jeans are a staple for spring! The light wash is perfect to pair with tee’s and floral blouses. The fit is comfy and relaxed and makes me wanna get into my garden!

American Eagle Mom Jeans

Nothing says spring like a classic white pair of sneakers! Reebok classic harman runners are the perfect no-nonsense sneaker with a hint of tan at the sole which I think is the cutest feature.

Classic reebok white sneakers

This crochet trim straw hat is giving me all the beachy feels. I adore the the crochet detailing and the colours are definitely complimenting.

straw hat

Indoor & Outdoor Home Decor

I am in love with this girona outdoor chair and especially the grey fabric intertwined on the back and seat. This chair is part of World Markets resin line so the base of the chair looks like it was carved from one single piece of wood as opposed to multiple different pieces!

outdoor furniture, patio chair

I have been wanting to invest in a acrylic calendar for a while now. I love anything that is sustainable and lasts for a long time and I also love the aesthetic of an acrylic calendar. So chic.

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acrylic calendar for office

This old school flip clock was my favourite find of the week. I love anything that’s vintage inspired and I’ve been using a flip clock screensaver on my MacBook for forever so when I came across this clock I knew it was meant to be.

classic flip clock

Another vintage inspired find but this one satisfies the pink fanatic that I keep locked up inside. The pink and grey tufted vintage rug would look amazing in any room.

vintage rug 
pink and grey

This fela tasseled chandelier is for all my fellow boho lovers! I think it would look adorable in a little girls room, a home office or a walk-in closet.

tasseled chandelier

I don’t know about you but I am so excited and can’t wait to update my wardrobe for spring and put together our patio for summer! What items were you drawn to this week? Let me know in the comment section below — I love hearing from you.

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Designer-inspired Affordable Sunglasses for Summer

Arguably the most popular accessory for summer and in my case an essential on super sunny days — sunglasses are one of my favourite items. There was a time that I had way too many pairs and since this year I’ve been focusing on quality not quantity I’ve narrowed my sunny collection down to two or three pairs. Don’t confuse quality with expensive though, you can find extremely reasonably priced sunnies that feel and look designer! Let’s round them up — I’ve included every imaginable style so I guarantee you’ll find something that suits your needs.


Under $15

1/ Leopard print cat eye sunnies for $9.49

2/ These Vogue dupe’s are only $9.99

3/ Oversized round sunnies with mirrored lenses for $9.99

4/ Vintage retro round horn rimmed for $10.57

5/ Rimless oversized sunnies for $10.65

6/ This Retro square shaped cat eye is a unique twist to the classic cat eye shape and are only $14.98

Under $25

7/ Rayban dupe’s for $15.06

8/ Another Rayban dupe in the hexagon shape for $15.69

9/ The GOAT aviators for $24.98

Under $50

10/ These Cat eye sunnies in pink are $33.99

11/ Mattinas polarized sunglasses coming in at $34

12/ Last but not least these Polarized sunglasses for $36.86

Sunglasses for summer

What style are you drawn to? You know what they say — give a girl the right sunglasses and she can conquer the world, especially when they look designer but cost a fraction less.

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Cute Vintage T-Shirts and How-to Wear Them This Spring!

One of the upsides that came out of the pandemic is the wonderful collide of lounge wear and everyday wear. Now more than ever before are we divulging in all things that bring us comfort and so far all of our favourite fashion brands have gotten the hint. One big trend that is sneaking it’s way back into the hearts of many 90’s babies is the classic vintage tee. These retro tee’s are made to fit oversized which makes the feel super cosy because they’re unrestrictive and breathable. Not to mention they have longer sleeves – I don’t know about you [taking to you ladies] but I hate the typical size of standard sleeves that you see in women’s t-shirts’. They’re about a quarter of the size of those you see on, let’s say, a mans t-shirt, “boyfriend” tee, or now these awesome vintage tees.

Before we get into the different ways you can style a vintage tee this spring, here’s a roundup of a few of my favourites!

Vintage tshirts

1/ Budweiser t-shirt

2/ The Beatles tee

3/ AC/DC vintage t-shirt

4/ Tailgate Kiss t-shirt

5/ Pink Floyd tee (on sale)

6/ Metallica tee

7/ Notorious BIG tee (on sale)

8/ Journey Boyfriend tee

9/ Jimi Hendrix t-shirt (on sale)

10/ Led Zeppelin t-shirt in black (here’s the same tee in white)

11/ Jet setter vintage tee

12/ Home grown tee


5 Ways to Wear a Vintage Tee

The beauty of a vintage tee is how versatile it is – the looks you can create are endless and range from super casual to all the way to super profeshhh.

High waisted jeans and cute accessories

This look is effortless! Tuck in the shirt, throw on a cute belt, grab your fave purse and head out the door.

casual outfit ac/dc t-shirt

jeans / purse / sunnies

Layered necklaces and jean jackets

Much like the outfit above, accessories can really elevate and complete your look. Layered necklaces are super popular right now and you can never go wrong with a classic jean jacket!

casual outfit 
led zeppelin t-shirt

necklace / jean jacket

Patterned skirts and black booties

Heading into spring it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and play with patterns! Pair a statement shirt with some staple black booties for a simple yet more dressy look.

cute outfit with vintage t-shirt

leopard print skirt / black booties


Blazers and jackets

Blazers aren’t just for the boardroom! With women in mind the blazers I’m seeing lately accent the waist and are feminine in nature. Shackets are also a great option if you aren’t into blazers – they’re comfortable and chic.

dressy look
guns n roses t-shirt

black blazer / shacket

Biker shorts and white sneakers

This outfit is athleisure at its finest. Super simple yet comfortable with the classic white Nikes! One of my go-to looks during the warmer weather!

errand look

biker shorts / white sneakers

Which outfit do you gravitate towards the most? Let me know in the comments below! Talk soon loves.


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Loving lately— Sagebrook Home

You know we’re all about decor at Cosy Culture Co because it truly is the pièce de résistance in making a house into a home. You can say so much with the accents you place around you home and there are endless directions you can take the styling. If you’ve been around this space long enough you’ll know that my favourite style when it comes to decorating is hands down scandi-hygge, a term I think I may have just coined. In one of my endless Pinterest scrolls I discovered Sagebrook Home and absolutely fell in love! They have every style from farmhouse and rustic to classic and modern! A little something for everyone and today I’m highlighting my favourite finds!

vases with dried lavender sprigs
Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Sagebrook Home Favourite Finds

1 / Starting off with this farmhouse inspired wooden tray! It’s unique vertical pattern paired with the rustic metal and rope accents make it pop- the wood and rope elements bring a sense of warmth yet the coolness from the metal balances it out. This tray would look great on a kitchen counter or dining room table!

2 / I’m picturing a dark bookcase or built in cabinet with moody table books and on top of a stack this gorgeous metal armillary orb. Think about how beautiful this gold abstract piece would shine against a dark contrasting backdrop. Mega heart eyes.

3 / Going right along with the dark and moody theme, this ceramic face planter is bold but subtle and would look absolutely adorable with a vining plant such as a potho’s or philodendron!

4 / I’ve never seen anything like these tin & wood woven baskets but I am obsessed. I’m thinking about investing in this set for my office/crafting area, how cute would my yarn look in one of these?

5 / This Rattan tray has the biggest bohemian vibes! I love the aesthetic of the woven rattan and I’ve always been drawn to its light natural colour.

6 / This unique glass jar looks like it was made at the bottom of the ocean by mermaids and then delivered straight to Sagebook Home.

7 / This stark black bamboo lantern would look great as indoor or outdoor decor. Indoors this would look great among some candles at the hearth of your fireplace and outdoors it would make your patio feel nice and cosy.

8 / In honour of Valentines day next month I had to feature this metal wood tier heart wall shelf!

9 / Another must-have find for the rattan lovers! Have you ever seen anything as unique as this rattan globe? Imagine how gorg this would look in your home office, with the contrasting black stand.

10 / I’m all about my plants these days and giving them cute little homes- these wood metal square planter‘s are a perfect size, simple, and modern while also bringing a touch nature back into your home.

11 / This metal round mirror is held up with a beaded garland-like rope and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We have an identical circle mirror in our foyer [minus the beaded garland accent] and I am 100% swapping it out with this one.

12 / Definitely one of my favourite finds. This metal planter set can double as pottery and would look amazing with or without a cute lil’ plants. The thing that I love most about these planters is at first glance, it almost looks as though you are looking at a painting of a gorgeous forest scenery with the sky meeting the trees. Can you see it?

13 / Dough bowls have been a huge trend in kitchen decor the past year and is still going strong! It brings elements of warmth and hygge- if you’re lucky enough you can score one that’s vintage and has been well loved with history engrained in its surface.

14 / I love having fresh flowers in our home and over the years this has resulted in a full on vase collection- can’t stop won’t stop especially when I find ones like this twisted vase!

15 / Last but not least this super cute resin round swirls photo frame is small but has amazing detail and would look great on a dresser or side table.

I hope this post inspired you to grab one [or a few] of these cute decor finds! Happy shopping!

Talk soon loves xx

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Six Scrapbooking Essentials

Hey hey lovely readers,

I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy! As I mentioned in my last couple posts, I’ve taken a real interest in scrapbooking and I love it so much, however I didn’t realize the amount of supplies that I would need/want! Thankfully Amazon Prime has everything and is generally on the cheaper side! Here’s everything that I’ve invested in so far that’s made my scrapbook so aesthetically pleasing!


Card stock

Card stock is awesome because it comes in so many varieties, sizes, and different patterns!

You can also choose card stock based on thickness which is great if you don’t want your scrapbook to become bulky.

Grab some card stock from Amazon!


Washi Tape

You can’t ever go wrong with washi tape! There are tons of different patterns and themes to choose from and you can use it for a variety of things! From taping in photos to just using it to add a background to your pages, the options are pretty much endless.

Grab some washi tape here!


Glue sticks

Glue sticks are a no brainer because it’s the easiest way to stick whatever you want in your scrapbook! They are cost effective which is important because if you’re like me you’ll go through a lot of them!

Grab some glue sticks here!



This is probably my favourite scrapbooking tool discovery! Basically the PeriPage is a mini hand held printer that is completely portable [built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery] and doesn’t even need ink.

This powerful little device can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR Codes and so much more. The APP offers a variety of fonts and themes to customize your document or photo!

Grab yourself a PeriPage printer here!


Stamp set

I love a good vintage inspired layout and being inspired by all the gorgeous spreads I’ve seen on Pinterest I had to invest in a set. The set I got is from amazon [linked below] and it was a very reasonable price for the quality!

Grab a stamp set here!


Paper cutter

This tool comes in handy when you want to cut photos, card stock, and paper with precise straight lines. I love mine and they are usually very reasonably priced!

Get yourself a paper cutter here!

Have you discovered anything that has upped your scrapbooking game recently?

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post featuring the inside of my junk journal!


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