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You know we’re all about decor at Cosy Culture Co because it truly is the pièce de résistance in making a house into a home. You can say so much with the accents you place around you home and there are endless directions you can take the styling. If you’ve been around this space long enough you’ll know that my favourite style when it comes to decorating is hands down scandi-hygge, a term I think I may have just coined. In one of my endless Pinterest scrolls I discovered Sagebrook Home and absolutely fell in love! They have every style from farmhouse and rustic to classic and modern! A little something for everyone and today I’m highlighting my favourite finds!

vases with dried lavender sprigs
Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Sagebrook Home Favourite Finds

1 / Starting off with this farmhouse inspired wooden tray! It’s unique vertical pattern paired with the rustic metal and rope accents make it pop- the wood and rope elements bring a sense of warmth yet the coolness from the metal balances it out. This tray would look great on a kitchen counter or dining room table!

2 / I’m picturing a dark bookcase or built in cabinet with moody table books and on top of a stack this gorgeous metal armillary orb. Think about how beautiful this gold abstract piece would shine against a dark contrasting backdrop. Mega heart eyes.

3 / Going right along with the dark and moody theme, this ceramic face planter is bold but subtle and would look absolutely adorable with a vining plant such as a potho’s or philodendron!

4 / I’ve never seen anything like these tin & wood woven baskets but I am obsessed. I’m thinking about investing in this set for my office/crafting area, how cute would my yarn look in one of these?

5 / This Rattan tray has the biggest bohemian vibes! I love the aesthetic of the woven rattan and I’ve always been drawn to its light natural colour.

6 / This unique glass jar looks like it was made at the bottom of the ocean by mermaids and then delivered straight to Sagebook Home.

7 / This stark black bamboo lantern would look great as indoor or outdoor decor. Indoors this would look great among some candles at the hearth of your fireplace and outdoors it would make your patio feel nice and cosy.

8 / In honour of Valentines day next month I had to feature this metal wood tier heart wall shelf!

9 / Another must-have find for the rattan lovers! Have you ever seen anything as unique as this rattan globe? Imagine how gorg this would look in your home office, with the contrasting black stand.

10 / I’m all about my plants these days and giving them cute little homes- these wood metal square planter‘s are a perfect size, simple, and modern while also bringing a touch nature back into your home.

11 / This metal round mirror is held up with a beaded garland-like rope and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We have an identical circle mirror in our foyer [minus the beaded garland accent] and I am 100% swapping it out with this one.

12 / Definitely one of my favourite finds. This metal planter set can double as pottery and would look amazing with or without a cute lil’ plants. The thing that I love most about these planters is at first glance, it almost looks as though you are looking at a painting of a gorgeous forest scenery with the sky meeting the trees. Can you see it?

13 / Dough bowls have been a huge trend in kitchen decor the past year and is still going strong! It brings elements of warmth and hygge- if you’re lucky enough you can score one that’s vintage and has been well loved with history engrained in its surface.

14 / I love having fresh flowers in our home and over the years this has resulted in a full on vase collection- can’t stop won’t stop especially when I find ones like this twisted vase!

15 / Last but not least this super cute resin round swirls photo frame is small but has amazing detail and would look great on a dresser or side table.

I hope this post inspired you to grab one [or a few] of these cute decor finds! Happy shopping!

Talk soon loves xx

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Style Your Shelves with These Decor Elements!

Open shelving is a trend that I don’t anticipate is going anywhere any time soon. I have loved incorporating this design element into our cosy home but I know the thought of styling your shelves can be intimidating. What do I put on the shelves? How many pieces do I put on each shelf? Where do I source all these gorgeous decor items?

Don’t fret! I’ve curated a collection of decor items that make styling your shelves fool-proof! Any of these items paired together would look amazing whether you pick just two or all five of these different style elements to incorporate!

1 | Vases

This modern Celia White Vase has the coolest 3D features that add a ton of texture to a space with just one piece.

The Adra Vase has a beautiful herringbone pattern that’s contrasted with the dark, warm tones at the top and bottom!

You can’t go wrong with this Teak Wood Vase, a classic piece.

This honeycomb vase is everything. I’m an avid fan of bee’s and the hexagonal honeycomb pattern that they magically create.

This recycled glass vase by Joanna Gains is obviously inspired strongly by her love of farmhouse decor and I can’t get enough of its unique shape.

This vase also has a really unique shape and is engraved with a abstract design!

trending vases and pottery for the home

2 | Candles

The candle that is on every influencers Instagram feed!

If you’re the type of gal who likes to decorate with candles while also catering to your type-A personality then these ones are the ones for you.

I love the vintage vibe that this crackle candle gives off and the colour is a beautiful warm green.

This small form candle screams bohemian and comes in multiple different colours!

This glass cloche candle is super unique and something that I’ve never come across before. It brings a classic element while also being modern at the same time.

trending candles for the home

3 | Bookends

These ones are probably my favourite, the white marble looks sharp against the small gold detailing.

This question and exclamation mark set seems pretty basic to me to be honest and yet somehow they’re so neutral and fit the theme of an avid book reader!

These ones serve the soul of someone who is all about their farmhouse home.

This set reminds me of a staircase haha, nonetheless I think the stark black would definitely pop amongst the books it’s propping up!

I love pulling in different natural elements to make our home feel cosy and connected, these fit in perfectly and definitely draw your eye.

These vintage gold brass ends remind me of my great-grandmother! So cute.

trending bookends for your shelves

4 | Baskets

This one is a bit pricey but you can’t go wrong with the scandi vibe that this seagrass rectangular basket emanates!

Faux wicker is definitely a tried and true. I use them all over my home for storage as well as decor.

This Woodard & Charles basket boasts dark rich leather handles. My favourite feature for sure!

This wire shelf basket is another farmhouse decor find and looks great in the kitchen.

Loooove these storage hearth & hand baskets that incorporate a gorgeous deep blue throughout the weave.

baskets for your shelves

5 | Table Books

A classic! This LV & Marc Jacobs is high end therefore a tad-bit pricey but the quality doesn’t fall short of its price tag.

Following the scandi/boho vibes of my own home, this copy of down to earth features hygge elements all throughout.

Cozy white cottage, need I say more?

One of the biggest themes you can find throughout my content is my love of being cosy yet still lookin’ cute! In comfort and style definitely falls in that category.

Chanel– another high end classic must-have see all over IG.

The Tom Ford book! Given that it’s cover wrap is black and white, this high end classic fits in with most decor.

The finer things is a look-back over the years of interior design and of the many different components that have ultimately led to where we are today.

Okay, did Joanna Gains write this book specifically for me though? Homebody is a manifestation of everything I am as a person. And the book is super cute on your shelf, too.

trending coffee table books

I hope this post helped guide you in the right direction when it comes to styling the open shelving in your home! What was your favourite decor find?

Talk soon loves


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Nordic Modern Decor That Makes a HUGE Statement

Hey friends!

As you may know one of my favourite home decorating styles [hands down] is a warm and welcoming Scandinavian theme featuring natural elements mixed with sharp black and gold metals. This among many other great qualities is something that Nordvian embodies into all of their products, established in Sweden they create pieces that help to create a beautiful home bit by bit as you and your home grow.

It was basically love at first sight when I stumbled upon their website so it’s exciting to announce that I will be partnering with this gorgeous Swedish brand. When it comes to their offerings, they have something for every room of the house– dining, bed, bath, lighting, art, furniture, and more! Today I thought I would share all of their best sellers with you and give you an exclusive discount code to save 15% off your purchase!


Let’s start with lighting, which seems to be one of Nordvian’s best selling categories- and for good reason! They are revolutionizing the light fixture market with extremely modern and even futuristic designs.

Light of Life Lamp

Modelled after the tree of life, this lamp boasts a wireless charging pad, bluetooth speaker, and brightness that can be smoothly adjusted via touch controls on the base.

Modern Nordic Hanging Lamp

Made from eco-friendly glass stone!

Dream Cloud Pendant Light

Have you ever wanted to sleep in the clouds? Comes in six different sizes!

The Original Moon Light

This replica of the moon made lamp is stunning and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere.

Magnet Light

This is one of their amazing and revolutionary designs. To turn on the lamp you lift both magnets until both attract! How cool?!

Sky Garden Planter

If you’re a plant queen like myself, these pendant lights will be right up your ally.


Nordvian has some of the prettiest plate sets, drink ware, and cutlery. These pieces will level up your tablescapes and double as decor- they would look gorgeous on an open shelve!

Gilded Mug

Marble with gold accents, tried and true combination. Comes in pink as well!

Round Cork Storage Jar

These unique storage jars will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen/pantry. Comes in three sizes!

Michelangelo Plate Collection

This gorgeous plate set comes in four colours/designs and are made of fine porcelain.

France Set

Two-toned cutlery set that is 100% plated stainless steel! Comes in two sizes [four and sixteen] and five colours!

Spain Set

This is all the same goodness that you get from the France Set however it’s one solid tone!

London Fork

Ditch those old silver spoons and spruce up your dinner table with these 100% stainless steal forks! They come in quantities of four or seven and there’s over 5 colour options!


Some really unique designs paired with luxury [ultra soft] Egyptian cotton! You will honestly feel like a queen whenever you climb into your bed.

Da Vinci Duvet Cover Set

Another one for the fellow marble lover!

Chain of Luxury Duvet Cover Set

A duvet cover set made for a true goddess.

Doughy Duvet

How cosy does this duvet look?! There’s only four left in stock so get one while you can!

Black Marble Duvet Cover Set

A one of a kind product ready to make set your bedroom apart!

Alvine Gold Turkish Linen

The Alvine Gold Turkish Linen duvet cover set, in satin and cotton fabric, perfectly complements a simple yet classic style.

Artic Premium Bedding Set

This super cute set comes in ten different colours! My favourites are definitely the pink and mustard yellow.


Make a statement in your restroom with these gorgeous nordic fixtures. Super chic and modern!

Minimalist Faucet

I love the glass element that this faucet has!

Solid Glass Bathroom Mixer Faucet

You can never go wrong with glass elements and black accents in the restroom.

Rainfall Shower Head

Who doesn’t want a dreamy rainfall shower head?! Again, super chic and nordic!


The Golden Circle

This art piece doubles as a clock and much like most of the nordic design it boasts beautiful gold against stark black.

Afropavo Stretched Canvas

This is the epitome of art meets Egyptian.


Nordvian hands down makes the coolest furniture that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

Mersenne Speaker Table

Okay you guys, brace yourselves… a side table that is also a bluetooth speaker! If you don’t love this any teenager in your life will- I promise!

Luxury Floor Cushion

Made of velvet so it’s super soft and cosy. I love the accordion style they added to the fabric!

I hope you found a product or two that you fell in love with- either for yourself or a loved one this holiday season! Some of the pieces featured in the post are on sale right now and you can use my exclusive discount code CosyCultureCo for 15% off your order!

Happy shopping loves!


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ℹ︎ Cosy Culture Co. works with sponsors, affiliate networks and receives other forms of compensation to provide custom content, free for you to view! The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own, you can read more about how advertising and our affiliate relationships work on our disclaimer page.