Oh Sundaze

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I love waking up early this time of year – the sound of birds singing is seriously one of my favorite things in the world and I’ve been enjoying it all May long weekend. We’ve been soaking up the nice weather and getting our yard/patio together for summer. We picked up some gorgeous purple flowers to put in the garden, a huge lush fern [that we’ve named side show bob] and a gorgeous hanging assortment. Other than our weekend happenings I thought it was time for another catch-up cause some exciting stuff is happening over here in my corner of the world! Grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girllll.

I’m officially a student again! I’ve started the pre-registration portion of the Real Estate Agent certification and it’s been so interesting to learn the language of the real estate world & it’s inner workings. I have such high hopes for this career change and I feel like I’ve finally found my calling [for this season in my life] and my people. I’ve already been recruited to a very reputable brokerage which I’m so grateful for – it feels as though the opportunities within this career are right at my grasp. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m a total nut when it comes to design.

we got vaccinated!

I am so excited to announce that I am officially a half-vax! I got my first dose of the covid-19 vaccination and I’m so happy that it feels like we’re one step closer to returning to a normalcy. I won’t lie and say that I did a ton of research into the shot that I got [Pfizer] because frankly I just felt lucky to be getting any type of vaccination against this virus however I will share my experience with y’all!

We arrived at the vaccination clinic and everyone we encountered was very nice and informative. The process was easy and just required us to sign in and verify our identity. From there we were ushered to wait for the nurse who again was very sweet and informative and would be administering the shot. I have been getting my flu shot for years now so I was [somewhat] prepared for what the actual needle would feel like and it was similar for sure. As for side effects I will say my arm was wicked sore by 7pm and I felt very tired – otherwise I felt great!


  1. Try not to tense your arm while getting the needle – ask your nurse to prepare you with a deep breath before the administration
  2. Apply heat to the area post-vaccine to help get everything moving
  3. Take a nice hot shower the day after, this seemed to really help and got rid of the remainder of pain I felt

Instead of rewatching old comfy shows we’ve been diving into new series because still being in lockdown let’s face it; there’s not much else to do. We finished all eleven seasons of Shameless and also the first season of Ginny & Georgia. Both are phenomenal shows and I highly recommend! Ginny & Georgia was just renewed for a second season, thank gawd because they left it on a cliff hanger as per Netflix usually does.

I’ve also finished The Birth House by Ami McKay and I loved it, 4/5 stars for sure. Now I’m onto Little Fires Everywhere and although I’ve already watched the TV series I can confidently say I’m enjoying the book a lot more!

Other than that it’s been the same ‘ole around here but I’d love to see what you guys have been up to! Stay happy my loves.

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Five Favourite Cosy Outfit Ideas for Spring

As soon as we enter March [without fail] I get spring fever and start counting down the weeks until nicer weather and longer days. Spring is one of my favourite seasons weather wise, as is fall, so most of my wardrobe is definitely geared towards these times of year. You can’t beat sweater weather and if I had it my way it would be that way all year long! Alas we are weeks away from spring and I have way too many cute outfits longing to be worn but until then I thought I’d share my top five with you today.

Winter to Spring Cosy Transition Outfits

#1 Casual and simple

Spring outfit inspiration

converse / sunnies / classic white tee / similar jeans

#2 Warm and trendy

Spring outfit inspiration

similar hat / similar jacket / similar jeans / black tank

#3 Cosy yet chic

Spring outfit inspiration

similar jacket / joggers / similar tank / runners

#4 Classy and comfortable

Spring outfit inspiration

similar cardigan / similar turtle neck / jeans / headband

#5 Lounge in style

Spring outfit inspiration

set in taupe / set in blue / set in green


Is your wardrobe ready for a spring refresh? I hope these outfit ideas sparked some inspiration and you grab yourself some new cosy pieces!

Related: Tips for refreshing your closet this spring

Talk soon loves!


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Sundaze // 01.24.21

Hi loves! I hope you’re all doing well🤍

I’m so ready to pause, sit down with a cup of coffee, and have a chit chat with you guys. These are some of my favourite posts because it allows me to connect with y’all [and vice versa] on a more personal level.

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a lot of exciting things that have brought positivity and more importantly motivation into fruition for me! I can’t wait to share these moments with you, alongside the crazy happenings that take place inside the McKay household that I think will make you laugh [or at least smile, lol]. Cosy up with me and let’s catch up!

Our little Penny is officially a women. Last weekend she went into heat and it’s been a long week of cleaning, I’ll tell ya that. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this because we were able to get Bella fixed before she experienced a heat. With the pandemic and everything being backlogged we haven’t had the same situation with Penny, but hopefully this is the one and only heat we’ll have to navigate through!

We finally got Crave and I regret not subscribing to it sooner! It has so many of our favourite throwback shows like 16 and pregnant, friends, and the Big Bang theory! It’s been so nice to have some thing else to watch other than the repetitious shows on Netflix.

We also spent much needed time finishing our master bedroom, it was the only room we really haven’t focused on decorating for some odd reason. It looks so great and I can’t wait to reveal it in a more detailed post!

Getting crave and making our room feel put together and cosy were definitely essentials for lockdown 2.0 here in Ontario that has been extended into February. We haven’t been effected too much but like everyone else we are patiently awaiting the vaccine to become available to the general public. I don’t even remember what a normal world feels like but I’m hopeful it’s within reach.

This year is the year of consistency and so far it’s been really rewarding, especially when it comes to social media and growth. I’ve been posting daily on my IG grid and within two weeks I went from around 400 followers to just over 900! I’ve also gained some new readers since implementing a concrete posting schedule, planning out my content ahead of time allows me to really focus on putting out quality content!

One of my goals is to become a full time blogger while I study for a new career and the process has been a learning curve but I’m starting to see some progress! I was finally accepted to WordAds which places ads on my blog and whenever it gains traction I earn commission! I want to thank everyone for reading my blog posts and supporting my goals by being okay with seeing some ads- you’re the reason why I do this!

A few other cool things I’ve started to do is incorporate hygge inspired home on a new IG account @hyggehomeaesthetic— an extension of Cosy Culture Co! All you have to do to be featured is use the hashtag #cosyculturehomes! I also post a lot of the decor that’s seen in these gorgeous homes on the Cosy Culture Home LTK! If you’re more into fashion and my everyday looks, follow my main LTK here.

In other happy news babe got her new car finally. The process with the insurance company took over a month [long story] and I’m so glad we can move on and no longer have to share a car! Some type of normalcy has been restored, despite the world still being weird, lol.

What have you guys been up to the past couple weeks?


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Sundaze // 12.13.20

Hiii loves! I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend and have rested and recharged for the week ahead!

It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down and updated you with a chatty post about what’s new with me and let me just tell you it’s been very busy in this household. There’s been some big changes and some bumps in the road but there’s also been some pretty great moments and achievements that are definitely worth mentioning.

Let’s get into it! Grab a cuppa, curl up, and lets catch up!

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

New Roommate!

One of the biggest changes that occurred over the past month was my brother moving in with Tristan & I full time. It was definitely a sudden move however we are so happy to have him here with us! We’ve been working on slowly transforming our guest bedroom into something less girly for him, and it’s really coming along. We’ve ordered some pretty awesome electronic gadgets [that I’ll be sharing in a later post] and custom made a shelve to hang under his TV for his playstation and whatnot. We still have a few items to grab and check off the list but I think it’s looking really good!

Tristan’s Car Accident

On Wednesday last week, Tristan had a car accident very early in the morning and although she is okay [which ultimately is all that matters] her car is not.

We’re waiting to hear back but from our insurance company but from what we know of at this moment it sounds like it’s going to be a total loss. Bittersweet because we definitely had plans for her car to be passed down to me and kept in our family. On the bright side it’s looking like she is going to get a new car!

Officially Started the Rebrand

This past week I announced that I’ve officially started the rebrand roll-out for Cosy Culture Co previously known as Nicole’s Niches.

So far the process has gone really well! All my handles for socials are successfully switched over as well as my logos and branding.

The last bit that is yet to be complete is switching over the website domain which is coming up for renewal at the end of December. That will officially be the end of Nicole’s Niches and I’m so excited to move onto this new chapter!

New Partnerships

I’m excited to be working with not one but two new brands that I’m positive you guys will love as much as I do. Think home decor and the best tool to help you stay organized!

I’ll be doing an in-depth post on each company later this week, so keep an eye out for that as well as some exclusive discount codes available to my readers only.

Sales Sales Sales

Between Poshmark and Etsy orders I’ve been running to the post office a ton in the past few weeks, no complaints because I’m so grateful for every single order.

My all natural heating packs seem to be the most popular at this time of year and for good reason! They make great gifts or stocking stuffers and they’re great to invest in for yourself on those achy damp days!

In Other News

With COVID numbers rising significantly [it almost seems like daily now] here in Southern Ontario we’ve been doing our best to stay home as much as possible.

We’re officially in the grey zone and if cases don’t decrease and decrease now we will move into the red zone which means we will be moving into a province wide lock down again.

It does put a damper on the holiday festivities this year but I would rather do what we have to do so we can get back to normal as soon as possible.

What’s been going on with you? What’s the COVID situation where you live? Let me know in the comment section.

Stay well + stay safe loves.


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Out with the Old, In with the New

Hey hey everyone! I am thrilled to finally be able to bring you this good news. Over the past few months I’ve really felt a shift within my brand and my blog. Unfortunately Nicole’s Niches just isn’t sitting right with the direction of aesthetic the blog has taken, and after much deliberation [with myself] I decided to just do that damn thing– r e b r a n d.

So my loves, it’s officially time to say goodbye to Nicole’s Niches. It’s been a great three years being the face behind this name but as they say, all good things must come to an end. I’m so excited to introduce the new, improved image that the blog is taking on– Cosy Culture Co.

If you’ve been following along with me for the three years I’ve been around, you’ll know how much I adore a comfy outfit and a home that screams hygge– Cosy Culture Co. is an embodiment and extension of my love for those feelings!

Over the past three years my niche and style has changed a ton and I’ve grown a lot as a writer. I will forever be thankful and grateful for the opportunity that Nicole’s Niches has given me and the following that I’ve created, you guys are truly truly amazing! I hope you’ll stick with me during this transition.

As we start this journey I want to invite you to join the brand new private Facebook group which is where you’ll find all things related to the blog, shopping my style, exclusive discount codes, sales, and much more! I don’t always share all the sales, ideas, or life things that are going on to my public accounts but here you’ll see it all!

I wanted to create a group instead of a public page to be able to interact with you lovelies on a more personal level! This fits in so well with my rebrand and is how I want to become a community with all of my readers, you know I love hearing your comments and feedback!

The blog address will remain nicolesniches until December 30th, 2020. Help me welcome the “new” blog while we welcome the new year!


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September Goals

September is approaching fast, and I for one am so excited. Have you noticed that the air has gotten chillier and the sun sets earlier? I literally live for Fall- the weather, the pretty colours, the reminder that Christmas is right around the corner.

Part of manifesting all the good vibes and wonderful things for September [at least for me] is setting some goals. Usually I don’t share my monthly goals with the blog because honestly I don’t even write them down. But that lets me off the hook because nothing is holding me accountable- now you guys will be!

Drink more water

I’m just gonna call myself out and say that I’m the worst when it comes to keeping myself hydrated. I could lose count of the number of cups of coffee that I drink a day, but 98% of the time I could go an entire day without drinking water. I know, you can totally shame me.

I’m not going to overwhelm myself and commit to drinking eight glasses a day however I can definitely commit to drinking one water bottle a day! I think that will be a good start.

Land a Doula client

For those of you who don’t know, I own a Doula business called Moon’s + Wombs! I launched the business on June 30th and I’ve been really busy creating some amazing content that has been really well received!

This month I want to focus on landing my first client, it’s been a slow start and I’ve had some real interest but so far no real commitment. It’s tough doing this work during a pandemic but I’m hopeful that this will be the month!

Start a savings plan

I’m usually the type of person who just spends whatever and I don’t check my monthly statement to see exactly where all my money was going. Obviously when it comes to budgeting this is an issue.

If you haven’t heard of the Mint app I highly suggest that you check it out! It’s been super helpful so far. You can link your bank card and create budgets for specific spending areas that the app will automatically track for you!

The app has showed me where I need to cut back and where I can afford to spend a little more which will make saving easier in the end.

Try some new recipes

Takeout has been on the menu a lot lately and we’re really trying to change that. I’ve found some really yummy looking recipes on Pinterest that I’ve printed out and posted in our very first homemade cookbook.

We want to learn tons of recipes now so that we can one day pass along the cookbook of our family favourites to our kids!

Do you have any family favourite recipes that we should try?

What are your goals this September?


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Bucket List: The June Motel

If you have been searching for the cutest boho, vintage themed place to stay on your vacation to Ontario, Canada you are going to be so excited about The June Motel.

I added this little gem to my bucket list the moment I spotted it on Instagram, how could you not fall in love with this decor?

peace love wine

The June Motel is truly a one of kind unique find, and it’s located in Prince Edward County in Picton, Ontario, Canada. When the owners discovered the property that is now the beautiful June Motel it was actually a mid-century motor lodge! Who would have known, based on how breathtaking it looks now!


– thejunemotel.com

the June motel

When it comes to the rooms, they have four gorgeous cozy options each equip an abundant of amenities to make you feel as if you were right at home. Not to mention the room choices even have the most adorable names- seriously you guys this place can not get any cuter.

the classic

The first of the rooms is called The Classic. It’s very boho in style yet classic and clean as well. The touches of decor really pull the space together and it’s very modern yet vintage at the same time which I absolutely love- that’s the vibe I try to create in my own home. This rooms includes a queen sized bed (which I just want to dive into, how comfy does it look ya’ll?!) your very own private balcony, a den with a sofa, mini wine bar fridge, and so many more things that every hotel/motel should offer.

wine studio

Calling all wine lovers and their bestie! This room is called the Wine Studio and the name definitely doesn’t hold back, it is the perfect wine studio getaway for you and a friend. Again the vintage and bohemian style is carried throughout the whole motel, but this room also incorporates a beach-y feel. Located on the lower level it has two double beds, and a private kitchenette perfect for whipping up snacks after wine has fully hit 😉

deluxe wine studio

If you though the Wine Studio was calling your name but you have more than one bestie (because lets face it, we all have a girl squad) then you’ll be happy to hear about the Deluxe Wine Studio that sleeps up to 5 people! This room has more of a modern day vibe to it, but nonetheless it’s still an amazing space to drink wine and unwind. This room includes two double beds, with a pull-out sofa bed as well, it’s own private kitchenette, and a fully renovated bathroom!

Rosé suite

Last but definitely not least I think this is my favourite room of them all. The Rosé Suite is a girly girls dream! The stunning vibrant wall paper, the little touches of decor, the furniture places so elegantly.. every quality that takes my breath away is in this room. It not only features a queen bed, and a set of bunk beds (sleeping 4-5 people) but it also has its very own Rosé bar!

sweat well

Apparently at The June Motel it’s possible to even sweat well. Meaning get out and exercise that beautiful body of yours!

We’re lucky to be surrounded by great county roads, hiking trails and lakes. A trip to The County isn’t complete without taking full advantage of the outdoors. No matter what you’re into, we can help get you moving.

– thejunemotel.com

They offer yoga every Saturday morning, as well as kayaking adventures among cycling, hiking, and running of course.

the June motel

other things to do

There are plenty of extra things to do once you check in to The June Motel, and in fact they want to make sure you make the most of your visit and are constantly updating their blog with fun activities, information about the area and the motel, and other really interesting topics.

check in to the June motel

one day

I’m hoping in the next few years, once I’ve really settled into ‘adulting’ I can make the trip to this dreamy motel and check it off my bucket list. Although I’ll probably have to book the trip about a year in advance LOL, no surprise that this place fills up quickly!

not ready to adult yet door hanger

Let me know how you feel about The June Motel and what place to stay is on your bucket list in the comment section!

As always,


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Coffee Convos: hello 2020

Hello loves! ♥︎

I can’t believe that we are officially into 2020, an entirely new decade. I am so excited for the new year and I have so many exciting things to look forward to- a new year full of new things and new ideas coming to life.

This coffee convo is all about whats coming up in this new year, and I am so excited to share all the big news. Come join me, grab a nice hot cuppa and curl up for a catch up!

We’re moving again

Tristan & I are moving into a new place and we couldn’t be more excited! The space we are in now worked for the meantime and it was a great experience for our first time out on our own but our new place is definitely an upgrade.

We are moving this February and are in full on brainstorming mode for how we want the space to look! We’ve been constantly browsing through furniture and decor pieces for weeks now, and even managed to score a few things on sale throughout the holiday season.

Starting my doula training

The countdown to March is on, because that is when my doula (aka maternal support practitioner) training starts!

Ever since deciding what I wanted to do with my life during my last year of high school, working within the maternal world was always my plan and to finally see that coming to fruition in 2020 is absolutely soul-fulfilling.

Jumping into blogging and social media

This year I want to stay consistent when it comes to blogging and keeping up with social media. Over the course of this year I’ve found that there have been times that I’m very active on the blog and socials but then theres times where I completely ghost the internet world.

I want to figure out a proper blogging schedule over here on Nicole’s Niches so you all know when to expect posts and I’ll stop keeping you guessing! I also am making a vow to check in on the socials at least once daily.

new look + New series on the blog

If you haven’t noticed, I have officially dropped the “wordpress” from my URL. We are self hosted baby! Along with purchasing myself a domain, I also refreshed the look of Nicole’s Niches with a brand new theme. If you haven’t had a chance yet be sure to check it out!

With a brand new shiny domain and completely new look- comes new series that will be launching on the blog. I’m sure you all know by now that I’m extremely passionate about Home + Decorating so inspired by that I’m starting a new series on the blog that I’m sure will blossom into many others. Stay tuned for the launch, until then it’s a under wraps.

Podcast possibilities

Podcasts are seriously one of my favourite things to listen to, and I have always been intrigued when it comes to starting my own. I have thought about it a lot, have picked out a name, and even know exactly who I want as a co-host. However getting said person to agree and commit to said podcast is still in progress.

My favourite types of podcast to listen to is two friends (or group of friends) who just bullshit about everything and anything, tell funny stories about their lives, and spill the tea on celeb gossip and that is exactly what I want to do.

I’m hopeful that this dream of mine will come alive in 2020, I’m manifesting it so hard y’all.

Now you’re all caught up! Whats been going on lately with you guys? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

As always,


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Come join me, grab a nice hot cuppa and curl up for a catch up!

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Forever 21 Haul

ℹ︎ some of the links provided are affiliate links. If you purchase something through my link I will earn a small commission at no cost to you! Thank you for supporting!

Some of you may have heard that Forever 21 is closing its doors to all stores across Canada. Which for us Canadians is bittersweet news because though we don’t want it to leave SALES BABY, SALES.

I stopped by my local Forever 21 a few days ago and it was getting down to the nitty gritty. You could tell that it had been picked over and they had really downsized. Sad to see the bare walls, but happy to see all the 40% off signs.

I managed to snag some really adorable pieces that I want to share with you all today, I don’t normally blog about fashion so bear with me!

I’ll try to link the pieces I bought if I can find them on the U.S website or I’ll post a similar item for you guys to check out! I’ll include the original price under the photos and compare it to the sale price! I’ll also include the total amount that I ended up spending at the end of this post so stay tuned for that!

All prices are in Canadian— everything I bought was 40% off and final sale.

Mom Jeans

originally $39.90 purchased for $23.94

These jeans are sooo comfy. They’re a high wasted darker wash with really cute distressed touches at the ankle. I love that they button up as opposed to a zipper- it gives them a classical feel.

Here’s a similar pair: Button up High Waisted Mom Jeans

Slim Fit Jeans

originally $39.99 purchased for $23.99

These jeans are also high waisted and comfy as heck. Again they have the super cute button clasps but they’re a looser fit (even though they claim to be a “slim fit”) and are a lighter wash. This pair of jeans also have some holes/distressing, but it’s very minimal which I love because these Canadian winters are no joke.

Here’s a similar pair: High Waisted Light Wash Jeans

Rose Coloured Sweatshirt

originally $22.90 purchased for $13.14

This sweater is sooo soft and comfy. It’s slightly cropped but pairs extremely well with high waisted jeans! I love the little distressing details on the cuffs of the sleeves and the neck collar, plus its the prettiest pink colour.

Here’s a similar sweater: Cropped Sweater in Pink

Marigold Yellow Striped Lazy Fit Long Sleeve

originally $12.90 purchased for $7.74

I have a huge thing for comfy striped long sleeves, so I was super happy when I came across this one! The material is very soft and stretchy, its a boxy fit and I absolutely adore the colour.

Here’s a similar shirt: Striped Boxy Tee

Merigold Yellow Cardigan

originally $19.90 purchased for $11.49

This cardigan is close in colour with my cute comfy striped long sleeve, can you tell I just love it? This is a boxy/looser fit as well, and I like that you have the option to tie the front if you wish. The buttons are super cute and compliment the colour of the cardigan well.

Here’s a similar cardigan: Marigold Cardigan

Olive Green Sweater

originally $22.90 purchased for $13.74

I love this sweater because its thin enough that I can wear it to work (for those who don’t know, I’m an RMT and my job is very physical) and still be warm but not sweat to death. Its super soft on the inside, and I like that I can dress it up or wear it totally casual.

Here’s a similar top/sweater: Alo Yoga Womens Falls Long Sleeve Top Pullover Sweater

Total Spent

Overall I got two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, one shirt, and one cardigan.

The grand total came to $106.77, not bad for the amount of items I came home with!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought, and if you’re a fellow Canadian that also did a Forever 21 Haul- let me know! I’d love to see what you got!

As always,