Our faux brick accent wall & how we did it!

Since the housing market went crazy over the past two years, Tristan and I decided that it would be best that we stay in our cute little apartment until we’re ready to buy our own house. This way we can save as much money as possible [our landlord recognizes we’re amazing tenants who take care of the property and would rather have low rent than high profit with crappy tenants] and we have time to wait it out until the market cools off. So because we plan on staying here for the unforeseeable future we figured why not invest in some personal touches/upgrades to make it feel more us and our home.

Today I’m taking you along as we upgrade one of the otherwise blank walls in our house to an incredible faux brick accent wall! This decor hack is 100% renter friendly with peel & stick vinyl wallpaper that’s very easy to apply for first timers like myself. I’ll give you all the details on everything you need to know when it comes to creating this accent wall and the methods/tools I used to achieve the best symmetry. Without further ado – let’s create an accent wall!


Before starting the application it’s recommended that you leave the wallpaper out for 48 hours in whatever room you’re using it in so it can acclimatize. While you’re waiting the 48 hours make sure you have all the tools that you’ll need to make the application as easy as possible. During this waiting period you’ll also want to make sure you wash the wall to make sure you’re applying the wallpaper to a blank/clean surface!

measuring for perfect symmetry

Following the instructions that are included with the wallpaper is super important. For an accent wall they suggest you start by applying the first panel in the middle of the wall and work your way out from there. They also suggest leaving some extra material around the edges to allow for any shrinkage over a 24 hour period that you can trim off the next day.


Starting at the roof [leaving yourself some overlap] peel back the backing and away you go!

I found that the part that requires the most patience is applying the wallpaper to the crease between the wall and the ceiling. For that section I worked the wallpaper on starting at the left corner and smoothing it out horizontally until I reached the right corner. From there I slowly worked in sections, pulling the backing off and smoothing on the wallpaper in a vertical motion.

The wallpaper was extremely easy to line up, mainly because the brick pattern created its own guideline. It was also easy to remove and re-apply if I did need to fix a spot and it didn’t peel any paint off of the wall making it 100% renter friendly!

Our wall took three panels to fully cover which turned out to be two rolls but we had enough left over to do another smaller accent wall in our kitchen.

trimming the edges

This is the final and most important step. As I learned – start from the bottom and work your way up so you can get the hang of it without standing on a ladder. You also want to make sure you have maximum patience for this step because it’s important to go slow and create the most accurate cut line you can manage. I find if you try to move quickly while trimming the edges using the utility knife it’s easy to lose control which will mess up your line.


tips to take away:

  • Patience is KEY
  • Make sure you have the proper tools and supplies for application
  • Follow the instructions provided with the wallpaper
  • Have fun with it!!! Don’t put too much pressure on getting it perfect

It’s safe to say that I’m in love with the way wallpaper can transform a space… this may have created an accent wall obsession, but we’ll see LOL.

I hope this post inspired you to be bold and try out some wallpaper in your home! If you follow the tips and tricks in this post it’ll be so easy you’ll be wishing you had done it sooner!

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Add Some Yellow to Your Living Space

Although I’m a huge fan of calm and textured neutrals – you’ll see me talking about colour a lot this year! It’s a trend that is rapidly growing in the home decor department and for good reason. Colour is cheerful, bright, and fun which is something we all need a little bit of after the past year we’ve had, don’t you agree?

Colour of the Year

2021’s colours of the year are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating – a beautiful yellow and gray that compliment each other perfectly.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

Although we’re only three-ish months into the year we can see these colours inspiring many beautiful homes and living spaces. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite spaces, filled with different tones of yellows that will show you how to use the cheerful colour in multiple ways.

Big + Bold

Bringing in colour with your largest furniture pieces will make a bold statement! Yellow inspires brightness and can make a room feel drastically warmer, while contrasting grays and neutrals will balance out the brightness and bring back that muted earthy feel.


Why not make a statement and lounge in style with a bright and beautiful sectional that fills the room with warmth.

sectional / similar light fixture / similar wall art


If you aren’t ready to commit to a bold couch then start small and get an accent chair that will have the same effect and draw the eye of whoever enters the room!

similar chair / bamboo blanket ladder / similar cactus statue

Accent wall

Accent walls are perfect for that much needed pop of colour and because it typically doesn’t require a full can of paint its inexpensive and you can change it out easily!

similar paint colour / similar chair / similar coffee table

Small + Subtle

Both bold and exuberant, you don’t need much yellow to make an impact in a space. Yellow decor creates the perfect subtle pop of colour and can easily be switched or transitioned out if you need a change.


You can never go wrong with a cosy throw! Functional and will add a ton of texture to your space.

throw pillows / throw blanket / similar carpet

Decor pieces

I adore seasonal decor especially fresh flowers around the house and fruit on our counter so it’s super easy to just switch out these everyday objects with some yellow.

yellow forsythia / hand towels / lemons

Use Nature

To my point above, use what nature provides you to come up with some really cool DIY decor pieces!

glass vase / yellow roses / twine


I hope this inspired you to bring some yellow into your space – either seasonally or a more permanent feature. What space was your favourite? Talk soon loves.


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DIY Boho Herringbone Wall Pattern

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all keeping busy during quarantine, whether that be binging Netflix or completing some projects that you didn’t have the time to do before. I know for me quarantine has looked like a mixture of both.

Today’s post is super exciting because not only is it a reveal but it’s also a tutorial! For those of you who are more visual learners, scroll down to view the video tutorial— for those who enjoy reading continue on to the rest of the blog post ↓

As most of you know, not that long ago I transformed this nook in my home into my office space and I loved it…. but the adoration didn’t last long. Honestly I blame it on Pinterest because my endless scrolling and pinning of home decor ideas just sparks so much creativity within me, I can’t help myself at times! Thus the re-doing of my office space, for the second time.


Whist on one of my Pinterest pinning sprees I went down the patterned wall paint/wallpaper hole, and we allllll know how that goes. I already knew while browsing through wall patterns that I didn’t even want to attempt to install wallpaper, I figured there must be a way to recreate the pattern using a good ‘ol paint brush, some time and patience.

click on the image to be taken to this stencil!

Not only was I right in my thought process I also came across some pretty cool stencils that you can purchase on Etsy, so if you aren’t comfortable with ‘free handing’ the pattern this is perfect! I chose not to use a pre-cut stencil and I absolutely love the way it turned out so it really is just a personal preference.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • stencil [if you choose]
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • paint [colour of your choice]
  • paint brush
  • paint tray
  • painting tape [if you choose]

clear out the space

step o n e

I began by clearing out the space so that I would have room to work, I moved the furniture out of the way and I took all the decor off the walls. I didn’t bother to tape off the baseboards or cover the floor because I knew that the pattern would be painted on very detailed with a small brush so there was no risk for paint drippings.

draw your stencil

step t w o

This is the part of the project that will require the most patience but I found that after I got the initial row completed it was a lot easier to build off of.

The design and vibe that I was going for is bohemian so with that in mind I didn’t necessarily care about all of my lines being on the same slanted degree, however the spacing between each line definitely matters.

I started by drawing a single line and then moving vertically down the wall I measured an inch and a half space between each line and I found it easier to measure everything out, mark it, and then draw in the lines. After I completed the first row vertically I then measured half an inch between the lines horizontally, and started to draw in the lines in the opposite diagonal degree than the first row.

my stencil

After you complete the first row, the only measurements that you need to worry about is spacing the lines horizontally. You can use your first row of lines as a guide when it comes to the vertical spacing.

Remember to draw on your stencil using pencil! This allows you to fix up any mistakes before you make it permanent.

Get Your Paint/paint brush Ready

step t h r e e

In my case I wanted my paint colour to be a dark grey colour as opposed to straight up black so I mixed some white and black paint together and got the perfect colour!

When it comes to the brush that you use I suggest using a flat tipped brush, it makes painting your lines easier because the bristles are really dense and the control is better.

Get Painting!

step f o u r

I chose to start at the top of the wall and work my way down, which worked out really well because then I didn’t have to stand on the latter as long.

When I started painting I chose to just freehand over the stencil which really added to the boho effect that I was going for, however for more crisp and clean lines definitely use the ruler as a guide/guard and make sure its a cheap ruler you don’t care about getting paint on.

progress shot

As I was going I changed my technique and after a few rows I got the hang of it. Here’s some tips that I found helpful:

  1. don’t hold the paint brush close to the bristles, this may seem tempting because it feels like you have more control but the lighter the touch the better
  2. try to paint your lines in one fluid motion, stopping and starting makes for choppy lines
  3. don’t soak your brush with paint but make sure its fully covered, you don’t want too much or too little
  4. if you’re doing multiple coats, be sure to let the first coat completely dry before applying a second otherwise the paint may become tacky and uneven
  5. take. your. time!!! patience is key when it comes to completing this project, so don’t rush and enjoy the soothing sensation painting can bring to come to you

Put Furniture Back + Hang Pictures

step f i v e

The last step is putting back the furniture and redecorating the space! I chose to hang my pictures/wall art on the neighbouring wall so that they weren’t distracting from the new herringbone pattern and they filled the space nicely.

I scored this super cute grid wire frame from the dollar store and spray painted it black, this will also double as my vision board! The other frames I already had which was a bonus.

I’m so happy with the way that the design turned out, it’s everything that I envisioned! I hope that this post gave you some inspiration to spice up a wall in your house!



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black wire basket with books beside gold tea cup set and plant

Popular Home Decor Trends

Since moving into a new house this past February, all I’ve been thinking about is home decor. I have been obsessed with finding the trendiest items that I can utilize while currently living here but also take with me when my girlfriend and I get our own place.

My room is really coming along, and I’m happy with how everything is looking- it just needs a few more finishing touches and when that gets done (eventually) I would love to do a room tour for you guys!

black wire basket with books beside gold tea cup set and plant
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders bring an element of comfort to your area, despite the fact that blankets make anything feel cozy, I never thought that they would also make a great home decor item until now.

I find that blanket ladders also bring a rustic feel to the space, they have a real country side vibe. It’s such a simple yet adorable accent that is also super functional! Storing your throws has never been more aesthetically pleasing.

Shop blanket ladders here! Or grab this one from Amazon!



Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because there is a ton of variety when it comes to what look you want to go for. Among the dozens of styles you can chose from some of my favourites are corner shelves, rustic wood shelves, and boho themed shelves that feature different shapes. Floating shelves are also a great space saver for those who don’t have room for a full sized shelving unit.

Shelves are one of those decor pieces that will always be really easy to style. On my shelves I always have picture frames, plants, and little knickknacks- I also have a cute little light that I scored from the dollar store! Style it to your preference, or even use it to simply store your books!

Shop Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Shelves! OR these super modern Reed Floating Shelves from Pottery Barn.


Hanging Shelves

Much like floating shelves, hanging shelves also come in a variety of different styles and are great space savers! The only major difference is that these shelves don’t appear to be floating, you can physically see what hardware is used to install them to the wall.

I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to see the hardware when I can buy a floating shelf and hide it? Hanging shelves have such an aesthetically pleasing value when you chose the right one- they are more commonly being made with hardware that is easy on the eyes such as leather (for all my animal lovers out there make sure it’s faux!), rope, or wire.

Rustic Set of 2 Wooden Floating Shelves with String on Amazon! OR shop this shelf (similar to the first photo) Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves also on Amazon!


Belly Baskets

You’ve probably seen this specific type of woven baskets before (especially with its growing popularity) but are you surprised at the cute name? Belly baskets have a unique shape that some people say resembles a full tummy- thus giving it the name.

I love versatile products that I can find many uses for and these baskets can handle many jobs! I’ve seen them as plant holders, laundry baskets, nursery room organizers, blanket storage, you name it! On top of that they are so adorable, and if you’re someone who likes to DIY it’s a perfect project to paint or spruce up to add a personal touch.

Grab a cute belly basket for only $26.99! OR grab this one for $18.99 if you’re a prime member!



Macrame, or wall hangings, have become increasingly popular over the last few years- partly because they are freakin’ adorable, and partly because the small business world is booming! Supporting local and small business owners has never been more of a thing these days, and a lot of the beautiful macrame you see circulating is handmade!

I find that it adds just the right amount of boho to any area in your home, and it also looks good in any area of your home!

Support small business’ and browse for some Macrame on Etsy!



Who knew that trays could be so trendy? I often see them being used for storage, mixed in which a couple of knickknacks and honestly there is just something so aesthetically pleasing about that. They are also commonly used specifically for several decor pieces to create a focal point in the room. Either way it’s used, I’m here for it and loving it.

Shop a variety of decorative trays by Bed, Bath, and Beyond!


That’s all I have for popular decor items (for now), if you like this post and want to see more in the future make sure to leave a comment letting me know!

What was your favourite item listed in this post?!


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