Style Your Shelves with These Decor Elements!

Open shelving is a trend that I don’t anticipate is going anywhere any time soon. I have loved incorporating this design element into our cosy home but I know the thought of styling your shelves can be intimidating. What do I put on the shelves? How many pieces do I put on each shelf? Where do I source all these gorgeous decor items?

Don’t fret! I’ve curated a collection of decor items that make styling your shelves fool-proof! Any of these items paired together would look amazing whether you pick just two or all five of these different style elements to incorporate!

1 | Vases

This modern Celia White Vase has the coolest 3D features that add a ton of texture to a space with just one piece.

The Adra Vase has a beautiful herringbone pattern that’s contrasted with the dark, warm tones at the top and bottom!

You can’t go wrong with this Teak Wood Vase, a classic piece.

This honeycomb vase is everything. I’m an avid fan of bee’s and the hexagonal honeycomb pattern that they magically create.

This recycled glass vase by Joanna Gains is obviously inspired strongly by her love of farmhouse decor and I can’t get enough of its unique shape.

This vase also has a really unique shape and is engraved with a abstract design!

trending vases and pottery for the home

2 | Candles

The candle that is on every influencers Instagram feed!

If you’re the type of gal who likes to decorate with candles while also catering to your type-A personality then these ones are the ones for you.

I love the vintage vibe that this crackle candle gives off and the colour is a beautiful warm green.

This small form candle screams bohemian and comes in multiple different colours!

This glass cloche candle is super unique and something that I’ve never come across before. It brings a classic element while also being modern at the same time.

trending candles for the home

3 | Bookends

These ones are probably my favourite, the white marble looks sharp against the small gold detailing.

This question and exclamation mark set seems pretty basic to me to be honest and yet somehow they’re so neutral and fit the theme of an avid book reader!

These ones serve the soul of someone who is all about their farmhouse home.

This set reminds me of a staircase haha, nonetheless I think the stark black would definitely pop amongst the books it’s propping up!

I love pulling in different natural elements to make our home feel cosy and connected, these fit in perfectly and definitely draw your eye.

These vintage gold brass ends remind me of my great-grandmother! So cute.

trending bookends for your shelves

4 | Baskets

This one is a bit pricey but you can’t go wrong with the scandi vibe that this seagrass rectangular basket emanates!

Faux wicker is definitely a tried and true. I use them all over my home for storage as well as decor.

This Woodard & Charles basket boasts dark rich leather handles. My favourite feature for sure!

This wire shelf basket is another farmhouse decor find and looks great in the kitchen.

Loooove these storage hearth & hand baskets that incorporate a gorgeous deep blue throughout the weave.

baskets for your shelves

5 | Table Books

A classic! This LV & Marc Jacobs is high end therefore a tad-bit pricey but the quality doesn’t fall short of its price tag.

Following the scandi/boho vibes of my own home, this copy of down to earth features hygge elements all throughout.

Cozy white cottage, need I say more?

One of the biggest themes you can find throughout my content is my love of being cosy yet still lookin’ cute! In comfort and style definitely falls in that category.

Chanel– another high end classic must-have see all over IG.

The Tom Ford book! Given that it’s cover wrap is black and white, this high end classic fits in with most decor.

The finer things is a look-back over the years of interior design and of the many different components that have ultimately led to where we are today.

Okay, did Joanna Gains write this book specifically for me though? Homebody is a manifestation of everything I am as a person. And the book is super cute on your shelf, too.

trending coffee table books

I hope this post helped guide you in the right direction when it comes to styling the open shelving in your home! What was your favourite decor find?

Talk soon loves


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Essentials for gettin’ cozy this fall

When the weather gets colder and dreary and the sun starts to set earlier, it’s the best feeling in the world to just cuddle up and be cozy-especially with the person you love the most! Although thats super wonderful in itself, there are a few things that make curling on those crisp chilly days a little better- things that I can’t get enough of this time of year, and totally help set the Fall mood.

fall items in basket
photo by @LexRayn


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good candle all year round, however I find myself lighting it daily during the colder months. Theres something about the ambiance that a candle creates that sets the mood and makes curling up soothing and dreamy.

Some people have their favourite fall scents, I’m not a huge fan of the apple/cinnamon scent (I know I know I’m super weird) which seems to be the most popular. I just burn whatever I have on hand, I typically have candles in bulk (my girlfriend always makes sure the house is stocked) and they are more than usually from Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works!

bath and body works fall candle 
made with essential oils
photo by @anissa

Fluffy fuzzy blankets

My girlfriend would tell you that I have a blanket addiction, but I say that you can never have too many fluffy throws. I have at least two throw blankets on my couch at all times, one at the end of my bed, two in the Papasan chair, and my animals even have their own blankets in their bed.

You can’t get cozy without a soft blanket to curl up in to keep you warm, because being cold is so not ideal- especially when it’s already so cold and nippy outside. Also, what is better than being surrounded by something so plush, soft, and fuzzy?

soft fuzzy throw blanket from urban outfitters
photo by @urbanoutfitters

The right lighting

Speaking of the ambiance of candles, the right lighting can create the perfect vibe for getting cozy. I happen to have the cutest decor that is also soft lighting, and it is not only aesthetically pleasing but definitely sets the mood.

Think fairy lights, string lights, salt lamps, lava lamps– you know where I’m going with this. Anything but the overhead light thats often way too bright for the cozy vibe that you’re going for.

set of chic glass lanterns with fairy lights
photo by @aesthetecurator

Cozy sweats

Again, just like a candle, I love a good pair of oversized cozy sweats all year round but I find myself throwing them on more often during these cold, bitter months.

Thankfully, my girlfriend has an impeccable sweatshirt collection, and she knows how to keep them super soft so obviously my stealing them has been a thing in our relationship since day one.

Moral of this story- steal your significant others sweatshirts, and then cuddle up with them this cozy fall.

yellow sweater with "honey" embroidery
photo by @coffeeandmnts

What do you do to feel cozy during fall? Let me know in the comment section below!


Nicole xx

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