Nordic Modern Decor That Makes a HUGE Statement

Hey friends!

As you may know one of my favourite home decorating styles [hands down] is a warm and welcoming Scandinavian theme featuring natural elements mixed with sharp black and gold metals. This among many other great qualities is something that Nordvian embodies into all of their products, established in Sweden they create pieces that help to create a beautiful home bit by bit as you and your home grow.

It was basically love at first sight when I stumbled upon their website so it’s exciting to announce that I will be partnering with this gorgeous Swedish brand. When it comes to their offerings, they have something for every room of the house– dining, bed, bath, lighting, art, furniture, and more! Today I thought I would share all of their best sellers with you and give you an exclusive discount code to save 15% off your purchase!


Let’s start with lighting, which seems to be one of Nordvian’s best selling categories- and for good reason! They are revolutionizing the light fixture market with extremely modern and even futuristic designs.

Light of Life Lamp

Modelled after the tree of life, this lamp boasts a wireless charging pad, bluetooth speaker, and brightness that can be smoothly adjusted via touch controls on the base.

Modern Nordic Hanging Lamp

Made from eco-friendly glass stone!

Dream Cloud Pendant Light

Have you ever wanted to sleep in the clouds? Comes in six different sizes!

The Original Moon Light

This replica of the moon made lamp is stunning and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere.

Magnet Light

This is one of their amazing and revolutionary designs. To turn on the lamp you lift both magnets until both attract! How cool?!

Sky Garden Planter

If you’re a plant queen like myself, these pendant lights will be right up your ally.


Nordvian has some of the prettiest plate sets, drink ware, and cutlery. These pieces will level up your tablescapes and double as decor- they would look gorgeous on an open shelve!

Gilded Mug

Marble with gold accents, tried and true combination. Comes in pink as well!

Round Cork Storage Jar

These unique storage jars will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen/pantry. Comes in three sizes!

Michelangelo Plate Collection

This gorgeous plate set comes in four colours/designs and are made of fine porcelain.

France Set

Two-toned cutlery set that is 100% plated stainless steel! Comes in two sizes [four and sixteen] and five colours!

Spain Set

This is all the same goodness that you get from the France Set however it’s one solid tone!

London Fork

Ditch those old silver spoons and spruce up your dinner table with these 100% stainless steal forks! They come in quantities of four or seven and there’s over 5 colour options!


Some really unique designs paired with luxury [ultra soft] Egyptian cotton! You will honestly feel like a queen whenever you climb into your bed.

Da Vinci Duvet Cover Set

Another one for the fellow marble lover!

Chain of Luxury Duvet Cover Set

A duvet cover set made for a true goddess.

Doughy Duvet

How cosy does this duvet look?! There’s only four left in stock so get one while you can!

Black Marble Duvet Cover Set

A one of a kind product ready to make set your bedroom apart!

Alvine Gold Turkish Linen

The Alvine Gold Turkish Linen duvet cover set, in satin and cotton fabric, perfectly complements a simple yet classic style.

Artic Premium Bedding Set

This super cute set comes in ten different colours! My favourites are definitely the pink and mustard yellow.


Make a statement in your restroom with these gorgeous nordic fixtures. Super chic and modern!

Minimalist Faucet

I love the glass element that this faucet has!

Solid Glass Bathroom Mixer Faucet

You can never go wrong with glass elements and black accents in the restroom.

Rainfall Shower Head

Who doesn’t want a dreamy rainfall shower head?! Again, super chic and nordic!


The Golden Circle

This art piece doubles as a clock and much like most of the nordic design it boasts beautiful gold against stark black.

Afropavo Stretched Canvas

This is the epitome of art meets Egyptian.


Nordvian hands down makes the coolest furniture that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

Mersenne Speaker Table

Okay you guys, brace yourselves… a side table that is also a bluetooth speaker! If you don’t love this any teenager in your life will- I promise!

Luxury Floor Cushion

Made of velvet so it’s super soft and cosy. I love the accordion style they added to the fabric!

I hope you found a product or two that you fell in love with- either for yourself or a loved one this holiday season! Some of the pieces featured in the post are on sale right now and you can use my exclusive discount code CosyCultureCo for 15% off your order!

Happy shopping loves!


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15 Junk Journal Spread Idea’s

Hello beauties!

If you’ve been following along with the blog lately I’m sure you’ve seen my must have junk journal tools. Today I’m giving you a list of ideas so you can put these tools to use!

Junk journals are my favourite because the ideas are endless; you can stick just about anything in a there and it doesn’t have to make sense. But if you’re like me and like to have themed pages then you’ll find this list inspiring!

the cosmo’s; sun, moon, astrology

Astrology is so damn interesting and I could read into for hours on end. There’s so many ways to make pretty spreads based on our beautiful galaxy & the energy of our existence.

the cosmos sun moon astrology themed page

places you want to travel

I didn’t grow up with the leisure of travel, we didn’t spend school holidays in Disney or the Caribbean. For me traveling only started to happen later on in my teen’s, so there are ton’s of places that I’ve yet to explore and are on the bucket list! In a way I am extremely grateful that now as an adult I have the pleasure of experiencing these things for the first time.

I love making New York spreads because the architecture and atmosphere is just plain beautiful. It’s one of the many places that I’m gunning to go to and as soon as COVID is not a thing anymore I will definitely start planning a NYC trip. It’s nice because NY is so close to where I am in Canada so it’s such a short plane ride or a nice little road trip.

favourite tv shows/movies

If you’ve been following the blog for a while now you know that I have an undying love for FRIENDS. So it’s definitely no surprise that throughout my junk journal I have many pages dedicated to my beloved show.

We’ve also been really into Modern Family lately [read watched the series through multiple times] and it earned a page in my journal as well.

FRIENDS tv show themed page

coffee + tea inspo

It wouldn’t be my journal if it didn’t feature ton’s of spreads dedicated to my lifeline; coffee. If you aren’t a coffee drinker than you can definitely make a spread dedicated to your fav tea’s.

coffee themed page

favourite quotes

This is an easy spread! I have a board on Pinterest that’s dedicated to the quotes that I find aspiring or that just simply speak to me, so when I want an inspirational page I just print off quotes I already have saved.

plants/aspiring greenhouse

Calling all my fellow plant queens! I’m sure if you’re anything like me, your plant wish-list is ginormous and this is a great place to list them [with photos of course]

I also love to include pictures of gorgeous greenhouses/greenrooms, these help me manifest what I want in my future forever home.

colour themed pages

Another super easy spread! Colour themed pages can be very funky and creative or they can be really simple yet still aesthetically pleasing.

purple themed page


Embrace your inner witch and make some spreads that contain your favourite gemstones, spells, or witchy images. These pages are meant to unlock your spirituality, include things that you are drawn to and feel connected to.

Alternatively you can just have fun with these spreads! Halloween is upon us so the spooky options are great too.

things that bring you comfort/ cozy vibes

These are some of my favourite spreads to make because I am all about feeling comfy & cozy. In these pages you’ll typically find photo’s of throw blankets, coffee, plants, big couches, candles, and just about anything that says hygge.

hygge; things that bring comfort

your fav recipes

This one’s a no-brainer. Food=comfort. Plus it’s a cute way to keep track of your recipes and can be something that’s passed down generation to generation.

home sweet home: moodboard

These spreads are much like my aspiring greenhouse/greenroom spreads that help me manifest the most beautiful future forever home! Pretty self-explanatory but I typically just put together decor, colours, furniture, and finishes.

home decorating moodboard

the seasons

Spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can create beautiful spreads based on the seasons and the different elements that each one brings. I am a sucker for everything fall so I love to incorporate these spreads in my journal.

the holidays

Mirroring the seasons is the holidays! Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Being the fall lover that I am one of my favourite spreads is the one that I did for Halloween!

halloween scrapbook page


Nature and the elements are a great spreads when you’re just trying to fill up some space in your journal because the options are endless. From the moon & the sky all the way down to the earth & water and everything in-between.

blogger vibes

Last but definitely not least, blogger vibes. In these spreads I seriously manifest my boss babe vibes and I include photos of MacBooks, coffee, notepads- basically anything that you’d find in a bloggers office.

Happy scrapbooking my loves! Please don’t be shy and show off your spreads in the comment section below!


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