Newsletters You’ll Want in Your Inbox

Other than a good podcast, there is nothing I love more than zoning out and diving into my newsletter subscriptions.

Now- as I’m sure a lot of you can relate, I don’t have a ton of time during the day to just sit and read lengthy emails. Usually I go through my inbox when I crawl into bed at night and can settle, unwind, and read a little bit before I go to sleep.

That is why [in part] I love the newsletter subs that I’m highlighting today. They’re chalked full of information while the delivery is witty, to the point, and long enough to keep me intrigued without getting bored.

Here’s 3 newsletters you’ll want in your inbox

The Good Trade

Start off everyday with a positive quote/affirmation- one of my favourite things about this newsletter. It’s the first thing you see when you open it and can really help to set the tone for the day.

There’s always some unique finds to listen to, browse, cook, and read- artists, recipes, products and articles. All packed into an easy to read, short & sweet, email delivered straight to your inbox!

Click HERE to subscribe!

Girls Night In

“We’re the pulse of the group chat. We’re the friend who sends an article, idea, or internet discovery and wants to discuss it.”

Since the pandemic severely impacted my ability to make new friends, you better believe I signed up to be apart of this group chat!

I love the links shared of all things fascinating found on the internet in the form of the weekly picks and weekly reads sections. It really does feel like you’re reading things your bestie found during their endless scrolling that they knew you just had to see.

Click HERE to subscribe and join the most exclusive group chat girl gang!


The Newsette

Regular news channels can be so cut and dry. Boring and definitely hard to read for pleasure, am I right? That being said I rarely knew what was going on in the world because I never bothered with the news aka snore-fest. Then I found The Newsette.

“We deliver news, recommendations, and conversations that will inspire you to win the day, in under 5 minutes.”

…. and they seriously aren’t lying. They deliver the top need to know news with humour and sarcasm, which is 100% appreciated from this Capricorn.

Click HERE to subscribe and start receiving kick-ass news, recommendations, and conversations featuring celebs, influencers, and small business owners!

Hope these subscriptions make your inbox worth reading again!

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