Latest Amazon Finds + Buys! [2]

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a good round-up of all my latest Amazon purchases – between my fiancée and I, trust me when I say, our membership stretches beyond its typical usage in our household.

Although this isn’t a thorough list of everything we’ve purchased since the last round-up I published in February, it is a list of everything that I think you’d be keen in investing in. I thought I’d save you the boring household needs like dog & cat food, hehe.

Side note: this round-up is geared towards Canadian shoppers

If you’d like to catch up on the previous Amazon purchase post click HERE.

Latest amazon finds and buys by cosy culture co

The deets:


1 :: Colour block t-shirt / these tee comes in multiple different colours, the fabric is a little thicker than tradition t-shirts and the sleeves are longer than an average woman’s tee which is precisely why I love it oh so much. It’s TTS and washes well!

2 :: Crossbody bag

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This crossbody bag is the perfect size for on-the-go, with two zip up pockets. The strap is removable so you can swap it out when you want something new. The bee pendant is my favourite part though and the fact that it’s extremely affordable!

3 :: Zodiac necklace in old English / I love the font of this necklace and I’m always into reppin’ my zodiac ♑️

4 :: Padlock pendant necklace

This necklace was a great find for $10! It’s a heavy weight quality material and everything I hoped it would be.

5 :: Stainless steel nose rings / if you’re like my fiancée and I – you lose these things as often as you lose bobby pins. This pack of 60 is very affordable!


6 :: Carbonated bubbly clay mask / although I’ve only used this mask once since we purchased it, it was an entirely new experience. This mask bubbles up on your face as it works it’s magic and makes you resemble something like a marshmallow man. You get a great results while also getting a laugh, win-win in my books.

7 :: Razors for at home dermaplaning / I’m basically a pro now with my at-home, totally-unapproved-by-aesthetician facials. These razors are great for at home dermaplaning and very affordable!

8 :: OPI verde nice to meet you, Mexico city collection / Tristan was looking for a shade of blue/green and came across this wonderful tone. Of course I volunteered to be the one to test out the colour on my toes [read: used it when it got delivered before she got home from work, lol] and I love it!



9 :: Glitter fade phone case / Tristan bought this phone case for her iPhone 11 & it’s so very pretty. I love the way the glitter fades, so unique.

10 :: Pocket size portable charger

This charger is literally the size of my hand and I have tiny hands y’all. My favourite feature is the LED display which shows you the percentage of the battery and gives you an idea of when you should give it a charge!

11 :: UV sterilizer + wireless phone charger / if there ever was a “the pandemic made me buy it” item – this would be it for me. I’m now more than ever hyper aware of the amount of germs and bacteria we come into contact with daily. This gadget helps keep my mind at ease by sterilizing and sanitizing my smaller everyday necessities; car keys, phone, airpods, etc. It’s also a wireless charger for your phone, bonus!

12 :: Screen protector for Apple watch / these are great and fit perfectly on my series 4. Super easy to install as they just snap on!

Happy shopping! xx

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