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How to Find Joy in Your Home as it is

Social media has made it effortless to compare ourselves as creators and designers to those who have homes on Instagram that capture the likes of thousands and even sometimes millions. I’ve been guilty of it many many times and I have to work hard at pulling myself away from the mindset that I could always be doing better, have more, or styling a different way and I know I’m not alone in this. Today I want to talk about a few things you can start doing today that will make you proud of your home and the way you’ve made it feel. It’s time to stop comparing and start appreciating.

When we tend to the garden we’ve been given, everything blooms in season.

Focus on what you do have

In this hyperconnected yet extremely disconnected society we associate higher priced items or the quantity of items we own with happiness and social class. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” and while money does solve many financial problems it won’t ever bring you true joy. The kind of joy that fills your soul, makes you smile and want to dance around your kitchen comes from practicing gratitude for what you do have and how far you’ve come. If you’re constantly wishing for the grass to be greener you can’t possibly nurture the lawn you already have, right?


In the world of home design we all know the most famous high end brands; restoration hardware, urban outfitters, crate & barrel. For most people [myself included] spending over $300 for a vase just isn’t within reach, but I highly believe that good design can be accessible to all with finds that are similar and won’t break the bank. Sometimes it’s more about the look than the brand names, it’s amazing when you can still achieve the look you want while staying in budget – another thing you can be thankful for when practicing gratitude!

Understand it’s for you, not them

Comparison comes from the part of ourselves that houses doubt and attacks our confidence, it’s that voice telling you that there’s always going to be someone doing it better, someone more successful, someone who has a prettier home. When you start to find yourself going down this rabbit hole, acknowledge it and question it. Bring your thoughts back to why you decided to incorporate a certain design aspect or furniture piece – odds are you’ll realize you had inspiration or an idea that made you happy so you put in the blood, sweat, and [sometimes] tears to make it happen and why shouldn’t you enjoy it to the fullest without being bogged down by “could I have done this differently or better”.


Use social media as inspiration

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again – you have got to unfollow anyone who makes you feel shitty about yourself or your home and only follow those who bring you inspiration.

Usually when you look at someone’s page on social media you’re looking directly at their highlight reel however every now and again you stumble upon some real OG’s. They show the good and the bad, the trials and tribulations, the real ness behind the faux lens of an online presence. That’s who you want to follow.

Give yourself permission

To try. To fail. To have fun. To enjoy the process. Allow yourself to be a beginner, and trust in time. With practice you’ll find you’ll learn, you’ll improve and you will grow into learning to love your home and what you created for exactly what it is because it makes you happy!

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2 responses to “How to Find Joy in Your Home as it is”

  1. We have a choice as to whether or not we choose to use social media. Crazy I know. I used to be addicted to social media and haven’t used it in 3+ years! It took a very bad year for me to finally let it go…. inspiration and all.

    Lots of inspiration exists on the internet. We don’t need IG or Pinterest to curate a perfect feed for us – Google works just fine. Back in the day we used interior design magazines for inspiration, and perhaps its time to go back to these simpler times so social media can’t hold us mentally hostage anymore. Just a thought 🤗

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