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High End Home Dupes

When it comes to interior design I strongly believe that good design can be accessible to all, sometimes it just takes a little investing of your time to scope out the products that are affordable yet hold up its value.

We’ve all been there – you’re browsing home decor online and you stumble upon something that catches your eye…. until you see the price tag. It’s disappointing when you find a trendy item to find out it will cost you upwards of $300. Most folk can’t justify spending that amount on a vase or decorative bowl, myself included. I’ve scoured the internet to bring you all the decor items that are high-end inspired at a fraction of the cost without having to sacrifice quality, because everyone deserves a home that they’re proud of.


Most of the high-end vases and accent pieces are inspired by Jonathon Adler and his unique take on the human body. The vases are gorgeous but the price tag – not so much. Thankfully Amazon has got you covered and you can find tons of look-a-likes for a fraction of the price!

Jonathan Adler vase dupe

other look-a-like finds:

  1. Ceramic Face Vase
  2. Ceramic flower vase Nordic style hand shape
  3. Modern ceramic vase // set of two


Anthropology is famous for their gleaming primrose mirror and so they should be, it’s magnificent and straight out of a princess castle. However the smallest size goes for $848 – yikes. There are some great look-a-likes that allow you to purchase a bigger size for less than $600.

Anthropology primrose gleaming mirror dupe

other look-a-like finds:

  1. Amelie wall mirror in gold
  2. Ornate filigree mirror // vertical
  3. Graddy accent mirror


I’m sure we can all agree that Restoration Hardware has the biggest collection of designer furniture that is show stopping but also wallet draining. Here’s some dupes to get you by instead!

other look-a-like finds:

  1. Rustic round dining table // this one is a slightly different design as it incorporates metal but it’s only $259!
  2. 5-piece set // get this entire set for only $1,117
  3. Concrete top round dining table

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