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Obsessed: 3R Studio

I used to think that I didn’t have a definitive style that I preferred throughout my home – I liked a bit of everything. Then I realized after evaluating the items that I’ve hearted the most each week in the weekly loved series, I am leaning into classic farmhouse elements more than ever. I’m craving all the warm wooden furniture and rattan/seagrass textures. Luckily we have a ton of scrap wood laying around that I can use to incorporate into our home however when it comes to the items that I can’t [or don’t want to, lol] DIY myself 3R Studio has got me covered. I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this brand and fell in love immediately with almost every piece they feature. I loved their decor so fiercely that I knew my fellow farmhouse lovers would feel the same, so if that’s you buckle up! You’re going to want everything they offer.

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the details

Metal Oval 2-Tier Tray // $58

Metal Wall Rack and 3 Tin Pots with Hangers // $41 // these would look so cute in a playroom or homework station!

Creative Co-op 46″ Wood Metal Wall Mirror // $286

Round Bamboo Floor Baskets w/ Wood Legs, Set of 3 // $197 // these planters are really warm and I love the texture of the bamboo

Enameled Metal “Bread” Box // $76

Stoneware Pots, Set of 3 // $120

Glass Vase with Metal Frog Lid // $37 // this vintage inspired piece is so beautiful for any room

Brown Decorative Vases, Set of 3 // $42

White Buckets, Set of 3 // $95

Wood-Framed Wall Weekday Chalkboard with 5 Metal Hooks // $220 // this would be perfect for an entryway or mudroom

Galvanized Metal Shelf // $38

Decorative Metal & Glass Hourglass // $66 // I’m thinking home office all the way for this piece

“Lost Socks” Wall Decor with Clothespins // $44

Round Wire Hanging Glass Vases with Crystals // $81 // my favourite find of this round-up

Studio Decorative Metal Containers, Set of 2 // $115

6-Pc. Fir Wood Crate with Glass Bottles // $52

Decorative Painted Wood Ladder // $98 // I love that this blanket ladder is made from natural material, I really enjoy bringing nature indoors


What were you drawn to the most? For me it’s definitely the Round Wire Hanging Glass Vases with Crystals [on sale right now for $80] that takes the cake! Instantly dress up any setting with whimsy, artsy, farmhouse style at the core of these decor items.

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