5 Dreamy Green Spaces— you’ll want your own after seeing these!

You’ll always find greenhouses and green spaces on my dream home mood-board — a cosy space with tons of light and tons of plants. Pop in a comfy piece of furniture and I don’t think I would ever feel the need to hang out in another room. The spaces that I’m about to share fully embody the meaning of hygge and will surely make you want to create your own green space, a warm and inviting place to connect to nature and recharge.



I could see myself curled up on that papasan chair with a hot cuppa and a thick novel. I like that the space is minimal on the furniture and heavy on the plants.


All of my photos would be taken in this greenhouse, so boho and IG worthy. I love the exposed brick flooring, the rattan daybed in case you want to take a nap in the gorgeous light that streams in through all the glass windows, and of course- all the plants. Heaven.



Greenhouse room extension from house home office

You can call this next space the office of my dreams. A well-loved desk surrounded by greenery and gorgeous vases would spark so much inspiration and motivation within me. I’d want to do nothing but create at that desk and then unwind on the daybed!


Greenhouse gathering space for entertaining

Greenhouses don’t just have to solely be your own little private hideaway, it can also be a space your friends and family enjoy! Easy seating with up-cycled wood pallets [and this cute chair], some string lights, lots of plants, and you’ve got yourself a cosy gathering space.



Last but definitely not least this room has every feature I’ve envisioned my future green space would have; exposed brick, a cosy place to curl up, and tile flooring [good for water messes without damage!]. I also really like that this space feels like more of an outdoor living room as opposed to a separate commodity from the home, adding to your living space!


Which green space where you drawn to the most? For me, I’d be happy with any of the five but a green space that is also an outdoor living space is really what my heart desires. One day, you guys, one day.


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