Keeping Your Home Organized in 2021

This year is the year of consistency and organization and so far it’s been going really well for this girl! This is the first time ever that I’ve stuck to a New Years resolution [hence the need to work on my consistency] and it’s been honestly life changing when it comes to the blog and accomplishing my goals. I covered what I’m doing to keep myself organized this year and all the tools that are currently keeping me on track in this post, now it’s time to dive into organizing in our homes! To create a super cosy yet tidy home, you want your pretty things to be displayed and your not-so-pretty things hidden– this guide has everything you need to accomplish just that! May we all satisfy our storage/organization needs in the year 2021!

glass reusable spice jars
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com


Let’s start with the heart of the home- the kitchen. One of the biggest obstacles I often see people struggle with is not having optimal storage and trust me you guys I’m in the same boat! This is when you have to think outside the box and get creative by utilizing different organization products and techniques that won’t break the bank.

1 / This is one of my favourite finds of the year! This bamboo expandable drawer organizer was seriously needed when my silverware drawer was starting to look like a junk drawer, lol.

2 / Speaking of junk drawers this organizer will take yours from pure chaos to organized chaos.

3 / This is such a cute way to store tea bags in one compact acrylic container. I love that its see through because you can easily keep track of your stock and its easy for guests to browse their options!

4 / What a unique way to store your knives! I love that this piece features warm wood while also keeping you safe with a clear guard that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic.

5 / When it comes to organizing you refrigerator there are endless options and containers that will work universally. This set of organizers come with a variety of six acrylic organizers as well as clear fridge liners that make cleaning up accidental spills a dream.

6 / For your pantry items this pack of four clear compact bins with super cute bamboo lids takes us a lot less space then bulky boxes not to mention are v aesthetically pleasing!

7 / When it comes to spices and herbs invest in this super cute set of 10oz mason jar inspired containers! They add a farmhouse feel to your kitchen and you can always add labels.

Kitchen organization

Living Room

Oh the living room. The cosiest room in the house besides the bedroom, in my personal opinion. This is a space where you really want to focus on displaying your pretty items and hiding the ones that don’t compliment the space. Thankfully there are so many ways you can incorporate furniture in your living room that doubles as storage such as ottomans, coffee tables, and baskets.

1 / This piece has loads of storage and it brings the warm hygge feel into your living space.

2 / This seagrass lidded basket is great for hiding those not-so-pretty items that you need to keep track of like remotes, cords, headphones, etc.

3 / Ramp up the cosy vibes with this universal stand for your TV that doubles as storage and has a built in electric fireplace! We have a similar unit in our house and it’s seriously our favourite.

4 / When it comes to coffee tables I believe it should always be able to incorporate storage as well as your pretty decor. This table is great because it features two large drawers to store things you don’t wish to be seen and has addition space to display decor!

5 / Add some modern farmhouse side tables made from reclaimed barn wood contrasted by stark black metal that also boast drawers!

6 / If you’re like us and have way too many throw blankets to count, then this basket is for you. Not only is it super cute but it fits plenty of throws and has a lid if you don’t wish to see them.

Living room storage hacks


I don’t know about you but it seems like under my bathroom sink is always in a constant state of disarray and since we don’t have a proper linen closet- we had to figure out an alternative and quick. Our vanity could be bigger but we made what space we have work while also adding some other staple items for bathroom storage that I’ve linked below. Hopefully these awesome finds will help with your #smallbathroomproblems.

1 / If the space allows it, this gorgeous wicker armoire doubles perfectly as a linen closet if you’re lacking one like we are.

2 / Can’t get enough of those warm tones that wood pieces bring to space therefore this organizer for hair tools caught my eye straight away!

3 / This acrylic organizer has eight slots that are perfect for makeup palettes and compacts! It can be laid flat in a drawer or you can stand it up and keep it on display on your makeup desk.

4 / This lidded basket is great for storing your extra toilet paper without it being an eyesore. It’s natural colours make it versatile with many colour schemes.

5 / This is the product that revolutionized the mess under our sink. These drawers are the perfect size and I love that they slide out for easy access!

6 / Due to the lack of counter space in our bathroom we invested in a modern utility cart. The style that we have is rectangular but I love this round design!

Bathroom storage solutions


The bedroom is one of the only rooms in your house that you can just close the door and ignore but that doesn’t mean that you should! There are tons of unique ways that you can add storage while still keeping in theme and not overcrowding the room.

1 / These gorgeous seagrass lidded baskets are designed for under your bed and come in two shades of natural tones!

2 / When it comes to your closet you would be surprised how many items you’ll be able to fit when you make the switch to these slim non-slip hangers.

3 / If you still have too many sweaters to make space for in your closet these deep sweater boxes are great because you can stack them while still seeing your options.

4 / Am I the queen of wicker? Why yes I am. This storage trunk is super boho and would also look great under a window as a faux bench.

5 / This smaller trunk would look great used as bedside tables and since they’re deep they fit a ton of miscellaneous items. The darker stain really brings out some of the unique grain of the wood.

6 / This rattan basket is small enough to fit on your dresser/side table yet tall enough to hide anything unsightly.

Bedroom storage options


Last but definitely not least [because this is the first thing guests see when they walk into your home!] is the foyer. If you are lucky enough to have a mud room then you probably aren’t worried about shoes, coats, and other outdoor necessities however if like me you just have a foyer then you probably need some extra storage.

1 / This entryway bench is simple and modern with a cushion top and tons of hidden storage beneath.

2 / We have a lot of footwear in our house and we don’t like to keep it on display. This shoe rack fits in our coat closet and holds 50 pairs!

3 / This coat rack has three double hooks as well as three storage cubbies above to keep whatever you need to grab before you head out the door.

4 / This sleek entryway table has enough room to store baskets of your choosing underneath and decor on top!

Foyer furniture

I hope you were able to take away some inspiration to get organized this year! Let’s all take a deep breath and reset, rework what didn’t work in 2020, and do the things that will help keep your mind right!


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