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Hey hey babes! I don’t know about other parts of the world right now but here in southern Canada it’s getting freaking cold and the sun is setting at 5pm. Although the cold and damp, lack-of-sunlight time of year totally sucks and can greatly effect your mental health- there are some positives and lot’s of tips and tricks to help kick the winter blues.

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In my last post I talked about some of the things that I personally do to make the winter feel less wintery and keep myself in a positive mindset. One of the biggest things that I do is jump into my cosy sweats, surround myself in a mound of blankets, make myself something warm to drink, and cuddle up with the dogs and my fiancée. Today I thought that I would continue this theme and show you what I typically reach for when I’m wanting to change into something cosy! Right, let’s get into it so you can get cosy too.

Wubby Sweaters

If I could own every single pattern I definitely would but alas I don’t think I have space in my closet for that. I looove Thread & Supply wubby sweaters– they’re so warm, fuzzy and soft with the jersey knit lining plus the patterns are adorable as heck.

Lazy Sunday Sweater

Seven Wonders Pullover

Walking Poetry Pullover

One Track Mind Jacket

Summit Pullover

Road Trip Pullover

You’re in luck! Most of these cosy wubby sweaters are on sale!

Lounge Sets

Cotton that is soft on your skin and so cosy you will want to wear it everywhere, everyday. Two-piece sets made a huge come back this year and you know I’m a sucker for stripes- both of which thread and supply incorporated into their merchandise!

All of these lounge sets are cosy yet functional and can be worn out of the house to do errands or have lunch with friends– all without looking like you’re wearing your pyjamas!

Alocasia Hoodie + Alocasia Shorts

Anthurium Sweater + Anthurium Pant

Dolores Sweater + Dolores Short

James Thermal Long Sleeve + Hersey Pant

Jacey Sweatshirt + Jacey Joggers

What I also love about these sets is that there’s neutral colour options for every piece so you can mix and match the sets [tops & bottoms] at ease.

Go check out Thread & Supply to score some great deals on discounted cosy apparel to prepare for the chilly season!

Talk soon love bugs:)


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