How-to Combat the Winter Blues

Hey heyyy my lovely friends!

For most of us we’ve officially entered the time of year where we have to say good night to the sun sooner, it’s colder, and it’s wet pretty much all the time.

With the year we’ve had and the constant unknown playing a huge toll on the state of everyone’s mental health, now is a good time to prepare for the winter ahead with some tips to help your mind stay happy!

Take Advantage of the Sun

For the limited time of day that we are lucky enough to get daylight (if you can) you should take full advantage of it. The sun gives us many of the vitamins that are needed for a healthy mind, the most important one that many of us are deficient in during the winter months is vitamin D.

When you do sadly lose the sun around 4-5pm, light up the inside of your house with cosy lamps, fairy lights, candles, and turn on your fireplaces! I know some people (mum if you’re reading this I’m talking about you) that can sit in their living room with no lighting on except the TV. Not only is this horrible for your eyes, sitting in the dark will exasperate those winter blue feelings– you need light to feel positive.

Take your Vitties!

Something to think about working into your daily routine is supplements and vitamins to make up for the loss that you normally gain from the sun.

Vitamin D and C are the biggest ones that I would recommend investing in. You could also look into getting a blue light which have proven to be very effective even if used for a minimal portion of the day/evening.

Check out these options for blue lights:

Rest and Relaxation

Supporting your mental health a lot of the times can be as simple as doing small things that make you feel more positive overall. Indulging in comforts and getting out of your head whether that be with meditation or zoning out to a Netflix show.

For me the things that I really look forward to are climbing into cosy comfy sweats, cuddling up on the couch with my girls (a hot bevy in hand of course) and the setting the mood with some candles, fairy lights, and the fireplace. This is my “meditation” and I definitely need it by the end of these dark gloomy days. Featuring a little Netflix of course.

Get Rid of Expectations

Even though it’s looking more and more like we’re going to have a social distant Christmas this year, it’s still important that you uphold and respect your own boundaries.

During the holidays there is pressure to reach out and be around family members that you might not otherwise have anything to do with. This year don’t feel like you have to subject yourself to any toxic energy, *bonus* you can use COVID as a scapegoat.

I hope this post was able to give you some pointers on how to combat those winter blues this season! Stay happy and positive my loves.


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