Why Gratitude is so Important

Hey hey babes! I hope you’re all doing well!

During the quarantine period of this year like most people I was just trying to do anything to stay in a positive mindset so naturally I picked up some new habits. One of the best one’s that I routinely continue to do everyday before bed is write down my gratitudes.

There was a point in my life that I though meditation, giving gratitude, yoga, and anything that falls into that category were utter non-sense. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that the same thing doesn’t work for everyone; for example I still don’t practice meditation or yoga because it just doesn’t do it for me. But journaling my gratitudes does, so it stuck!

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In this post I’m going to dive into why I think acknowledging your gratitude’s will ultimately make you more appreciative of what you have while also shifting your mindset into a positive state. Please note that this is an opinion piece and when it comes to mental health you have to find something that works for you however giving gratitude a try wouldn’t hurt!

Today I am grateful journal cover

Pulls you out of a negative mind set

Writing down what you are thankful for pulls you out a negative mind set because it forces you to focus on the good things in your life, the things that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. When you are thinking of gratitudes just do exactly that, think of things that you are thankful for in your life whether it’s big or small!

A lot of my gratitude lists include the small mundane things in life that are usually overlooked but are things that bring sprinkles of happiness to my life! These can be simple things like my morning cup of coffee or lazy Sunday’s spent cuddling with my fiancee; things that I generally look forward to on a daily basis.

The idea is that you can look back in your gratitude journal on days that you are struggling and say “well yes, today has been shitty but at least I have _____ to look forward to, whether it’s something big or something small.

Reminds you of what you’ve accomplished

As human beings we are our biggest critics and we certainly don’t hold our accomplishments in high regards, we look at them as a challenge to do better next time. While striving to do your best is a great quality we have to remind ourselves of the things we’ve overcome and the value of who you are and what you do.

I often beat myself up for the things in my life that I have not yet done. I had a plan and a timeline for the way I wanted things to pan out but this year taught me a lot and I learned that things come when they are meant to not when you want them to. When I find myself falling into that mindset and comparing my life to those that are plastered on IG [glamorous but not totally real] I sit and think about everything that I’ve accomplished despite my circumstances, and well I think that’s worth giving thanks to.

When you sit down and reflect on the opportunities you’ve been given, the obstacles you have had to overcome, and the things that you’ve accomplished to get you to where you are today it paints a true picture of your resilience.

Teaches you to appreciate instead of mourn; people, places, things

I used to be the type of person to long for moments that have passed, especially when it comes to the great memories that I have with my younger siblings because we don’t see enough of each other these days.

While I used to grieve for the good times I’ve shared with people, places that I’ve been, and things that were significant to me, practicing gratitude has taught me to be thankful, grateful, and happy that we even get to share these precious moments in the first place!

Where to get a gratitude journal

Gratitude journals come in many different styles & prints and are generally very reasonably priced! From my experience I’ve found a vast array on Amazon and I always find the cutest ones at my local Marshall’s/Winners!

Here’s some of my fav gratitude journal finds:

I hope that this post has inspired you to invest in a gratitude journal and therefore inspired you to invest in yourself. Talk soon!


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4 responses to “Why Gratitude is so Important”

  1. What you’ve said here is so brilliantly profound Nic. A wonderful post! As a society we’re surprisingly bad at celebrating ourselves and our achievements as win. Too often we find ways to talk a success down or simply don’t acknowledge the win as being significant. The expectations we have are often harsher and more difficult to fulfill than anything an outside influence could place on us. That’s the downside of knowing ourselves so intimately. We don’t know how to extend that same kind, graceful manners towards our own perceived failures.

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