September Goals

September is approaching fast, and I for one am so excited. Have you noticed that the air has gotten chillier and the sun sets earlier? I literally live for Fall- the weather, the pretty colours, the reminder that Christmas is right around the corner.

Part of manifesting all the good vibes and wonderful things for September [at least for me] is setting some goals. Usually I don’t share my monthly goals with the blog because honestly I don’t even write them down. But that lets me off the hook because nothing is holding me accountable- now you guys will be!

Drink more water

I’m just gonna call myself out and say that I’m the worst when it comes to keeping myself hydrated. I could lose count of the number of cups of coffee that I drink a day, but 98% of the time I could go an entire day without drinking water. I know, you can totally shame me.

I’m not going to overwhelm myself and commit to drinking eight glasses a day however I can definitely commit to drinking one water bottle a day! I think that will be a good start.

Land a Doula client

For those of you who don’t know, I own a Doula business called Moon’s + Wombs! I launched the business on June 30th and I’ve been really busy creating some amazing content that has been really well received!

This month I want to focus on landing my first client, it’s been a slow start and I’ve had some real interest but so far no real commitment. It’s tough doing this work during a pandemic but I’m hopeful that this will be the month!

Start a savings plan

I’m usually the type of person who just spends whatever and I don’t check my monthly statement to see exactly where all my money was going. Obviously when it comes to budgeting this is an issue.

If you haven’t heard of the Mint app I highly suggest that you check it out! It’s been super helpful so far. You can link your bank card and create budgets for specific spending areas that the app will automatically track for you!

The app has showed me where I need to cut back and where I can afford to spend a little more which will make saving easier in the end.

Try some new recipes

Takeout has been on the menu a lot lately and we’re really trying to change that. I’ve found some really yummy looking recipes on Pinterest that I’ve printed out and posted in our very first homemade cookbook.

We want to learn tons of recipes now so that we can one day pass along the cookbook of our family favourites to our kids!

Do you have any family favourite recipes that we should try?

What are your goals this September?


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