Massive Planter Sale for my Plant Lovers [including direct shopping links]

Hello sunshines!

I know a majority of my readers [including myself] have become plant queens over quarantine and no wonder, with nothing else to do and not being allowed to see anyone else we turned to plant friends.

My house exploded and I went from having one money tree to over 10+ house plants! They’re all such beautiful plants and I think that they deserve a cute home to live in so I’m always on the hunt for cute planting pots whether that’s online or while I’m out and about shopping.

One of the best places to find plant pots is the thrift store but given the pandemic I haven’t been able nor been comfortable enough to go yet— if you’re more brave than me then definitely take trip to your favourite local thrift store, I promise you’ll find some awesome pieces for your plant babies!

Although it is the best thing ever that so many people are finding their green thumb, it can make it challenging to find cute pots that are also cost friendly since everyone is scooping them up. I’ve done the digging for you and curated a list of all the plant pots that are currently on sale, there’s a huge variety and something that will fit into the aesthetic of every specific home decor theme.

I’ve broken it down starting with sizes and then hanging planters ending with planter sets and plant stands. It’s a jam packed post with tons of shopping links to take you directly to the pot that you love, so sit back and grab a cuppa while we jump in!

3-6″ Planters

These planters are perfect for when you first bring home your little tropicals or vines and they’re also great for succulents! Planters that are 3-6″ give your little plant tons of room to grow and thrive, while looking stylish and drawing attention to all your guests. I am in love with the wooden plant stand trend, it adds a rustic/farmhouse vibe and they come in multiple stains and styles.

1 | Ceramic 5″ Swirl Planter On Stand – Ivory • Sagebrook Home • $33.97
2 | Haeden Small Coral Planter • Crate & Barrel • $11.97
3 | Ceramic 5.25″ Planter On StandWith Dots, Yellow • Sagebrook Home • $31.99
4 | Ceramic 5.25″ Planter On Stand, Speckled White • Sagebrook Home • $31.99
5 | 6″ Ceramic Striped Planter & Wood Stand – Yellow • Sagebrook Home • $27.97
6 | Evie Medium Planter with Stand • Crate & Barrel • $34.97

6-10″ Planters

These planters are great for when you want to size up and repot your plants that you got when they were just wee little babes. I find that 6-10″ planters are also great for the small/medium plants that genuinely are larger as babies, I have larger pots that I put my money tree, my fiddle-leaf figs, and my pink princess philodendron in to start!

1 | Ceramic 9.25″ Planter On Stand, Gray • Sagebrook Home • $43.99
2 | 10″ Geb Planter – Celadon – Bradburn Home • $26.99
3 | 11″H Dotted Planter & Wood Stand – Blue • Sagebrook Home • $69.97
4 | Ceramic 8″ Planter On Wooden Stand – Ivory • Sagebrook Home • $39.97
5 | Ceramic 10″ Planter On Wooden Stand – Gray • Sagebrook Home • $59.97
6 | Ceramic 10″ Planter On Stand – Gray • Sagebrook Home • $59.97

10″+ Planters

These are great for upsizing those plants that just won’t stop growing! Eventually your plants will need bigger pots as they grow to prevent them from becoming root-bound, so give them a cute new home for less with these fab finds. I personally am in love with the Uma Enterprises Modern Stoneware Pot Planter [number 3] I think it would look so adorable in a kitchen with a beautiful flowing vine growing out of it, against an exposed brick backsplash, insert heart eyezzzz.

1 | 11″H Dotted Planter & Wood Stand – Blue • Sagebrook Home • $69.97
2 | 10/12″ Planter & Wood Legs – Beige – Set of 2 • Sagebrook Home • $110.97
3 | Modern Stoneware Pot Planter • Uma Enterprises • $69.99
4 | Aveiro Large Blue Planter • Crate & Barrel • $47.96
5 | Resin 19″H Face Planter – Grey • Sagebrook Home • $97.97
6 | Ray Planter LARGE • Apt2B • $131.14

Hanging Planters

These are my absolute favourite pots to hang vines in because it allows them to grow downward and flow out of the pot but that doesn’t mean you can’t put just about any plant [size varying] into these cute hangers! They’re super cost friendly and also come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and design— something for everyone.

1 | Stratton Home Decor Black Metal Wall Planter • $25.89
2 | Stratton Home Macram Hanging Planter • $32.97
3 | Ceramic 6″ Hanging Planter – Beige • Sagebrook Home • $19.97
4 | Hanging Planters • Uma Enterprises • $59.99
5 | A&B Home Set Of 2 Shelburne 5-Tier Hanging Planters • A&B Home • $89.99
6 | Ceramic 7″ Hanging Planter – Green • Sagebrook Home • $19.97

Planter Sets

Sometimes you have plants that have babies of their own like snake plants, succulents, and vines. These cute sets give you a place to propagate and grow your plants babies! You can also just use them however you like and put the same plants in both planters or mix it up and put some plants that accent each other in these cute duos.

1 | Set Of 2 Floral Accessories Fiber Clay Planters • Uma Enterprises • $69.99
2 | Sagebrook Home Bamboo Planters On Stands, Brown, Set of 2 • Sagebrook Home • $102
3 | 5″ Textured Planters – Ivory – Set of 2 • Sagebrook Home • $32.97
4 | Ceramic 6/8″ Planter & Saucer – Beige – Set of 2 • Sagebrook Home • Sold Out
5 | Planter On Metal Stand – Set of 2 • Sagebrook Home • $99.97
6 | Uma Black Contemporary Large Round Standing Planter – Set of 2 • $67.97

Plant Stands

These are great if you have pets or if you have run out of room on shelves and counters for your plants. It gets your plants up off of the ground and I even threw in a few that would look adorable as outdoor planters. These stands can be more on the pricy side but I think that knowing your plants will be safe from your pets and potentially being knocked over by guests!

1 | Achla Designs Trestle Plant Stand, Large • $136
2 | 2-Piece Plant Stands, Iron • Privilege • $95
3 | Ore International 17″,28.5″,40″ Gray Stone Slab Cast-Iron Plant Stands Set Of 3 • $111.90
4 | Convenience Concepts Tucson Metal Tall Plant Stand • $52.85
5 | Decmode Industrial 24 And 29 Inch Black Tin Two-Tiered Plant Stands – Set of 2 • $121.85
6 | Metal 20″ Hammered Planter Trio & Stand – Gold • Sagebrook Home • $126.97

I hope that this post was able to inspire you to get your plant babies some stylish new pots and helped you pick out some pots that will fit in with your decor items!

Are you a plant queen? How many plants do you have? Tag me in your IG posts I’d love to see your plants!

As always,

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  1. i looooooove the look of the hanging planters! i totally want to add some of those to my home! 😀 and i know you didn’t include them here, but i like the tall tiered corner planters that can be put outside, they almost look like ladders lol, anyway i love those i think they look so nice 😀
    thanks for sharing these 🙂

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