March Favourites

The second week of March is when I was told that it was unsafe for me to work due to the pandemic and spreading of COVID-19. Naturally given all the time that I’ve had on my hands I’ve been indulging in great shows, movies, food, and spending lots of time organizing and decorating! So get ready, this monthly favourites is a good one ↓

on the television

+ The Lion King (2019)

Since the pandemic has me stuck at home [since March 16] we figured it would be worth the investment to get Disney+ again. I had put off watching this movie because believe it or not I didn’t believe it could do the original justice but I was pleasantly surprised. The animation is out of this world and they followed the story line to a T!

+ tiger king

First thing I have to say about this mini docu-series: what. the. actual. fuck. This show takes reality TV to a whole other level, it’s so messed up and the things that happen are so wild you’ll be questioning if what you’re seeing is actually real— but I promise you it is.

Tiger King follows a man named [self-named] Tiger King. He owns a zoo that houses over 30+ tiger, lions, and ligers [tiger x lion mix] in the middle of no where! The series also follows a few other people who own big cats and wild-life like parks, but before you think you’ll be watching something informational about tigers and lions— watch the trailer. You can find Tiger King on Netflix.

+ love is blind

This show really intrigued me because it’s unlike any other typical dating show as people start to date and fall in love with someone that they’ve never ever laid eyes on.

I really liked it and was glued the first couple of episodes when everyone was dating in the pods, after that it kind of slowed down for me so I have yet to finish but it’s on my list of to-watch.


+ tv mounts

Since we moved into the new house I’ve been wanting to mount the TV’s that are in our master bedroom and our guest bedroom but I’ve also been putting it off because I figured it would be a big job. Although it is a two-person job it was so easy that I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

In the master we used Orbital Holdings 37″-65″ Multi Position TV Mount for our 40″ and holy does it make a huge difference— we can view it 100 times better and I love that we can swivel it anyway we want.

In the guest room we used Mount-It MI-2041 23-42 in. Swivel Full Motion Articulating Tilting TV Wall Mount for a 32″ and it makes the view a lot better as well! Since the guest room is a little bit smaller than our master, it was ideal to mount the TV to take up minimal space.

+ New fish friends

Before the quarantine took more of a serious turn Tristan and I took a trip to Petsmart and of course didn’t leave empty handed. We purchased two beta fish— I picked a gorgeous pink and purple coloured beta that’s named Starburst and Tristan picked a pretty little yellow fella that she named Sunny. We love our little fish friends!

Cleaning products

+ Method

I love love love this cleaner! I just stocked up on as much as I could during this crazy time. The scent is amazing and the product cuts through grease & grime like nobodies business!

I love that it’s a natural product and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals especially when I clean my kitchen surfaces! Definitely recommend.

method all purpose cleaner


+ at home dermaplaning

A few months ago I gave dermaplaning at home a try, and its been a monthly routine ever since. In fact I even got my loved ones [read convinced] to try it and they loved the results as much as I do!

For those of you who haven’t heard of this beauty regime that has become a very large trend, let me explain. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that uses a face razor to gently remove the dead skin cells [promoting healthy regrowth] as well as all your fine “peach fuzz” aka Vellus hair. Definitely recommend!

schick touch up razors


+ chicken tacos

Chicken taco’s are definitely a staple in our household, they’re so easy and quick but loaded with flavour!

I usually just cut up some boneless chicken breast and use Old El Paso chicken taco seasoning. Then I typically cut up some tomatoes, lettuce, green onion, shread some cheese, and put out the sour cream and salsa.



+ swagbucks

Okay so I figured that I’d give Swagbucks a go [because what else do I have to do] and after three days I earned a $5 amazon gift card!

I definitely earned the most SB points through taking surveys and submitting my most recent receipts— it wasn’t taxing at all.

If you want to give Swagbucks a try, click here to get a head start with a 500 SB bonus!

+ Preview for IG

Lately I’ve been putting in a lot more thought and effort when it comes to my IG grid, and this app comes in handy big time! Preview for IG allows you to preview a potential photo on your grid so that you can make sure that it doesn’t clash with any of your other photos, the filter is the same hue, etc.

That wraps up March’s favourites! I hope that you were able to find something new to watch, listen to, or put into your amazon cart.

Let me know what your favourites in March were in the comment section below!

To my fellow bloggers— if you have a March Favourites blog post leave the link in the comment section, I’d love to check it out!

As always,


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10 responses to “March Favourites”

  1. How good was the Lion King?? 😀 amazing!!
    i’m probably one of the few people who have yet to watch Tiger King.. I refuse to watch it.. LOL
    Love Is Blind was so great in my opinion but also a bit of a mind-fuck because they got engaged so quickly and without seeing each other, like whoa!! :O i watched it all the way through already, i was hooked from the beginning xD
    I hope you’re not keeping that little red betta in that small jar. i also have betta, he’s a veiltail, got him back in December shortly before xmas, and I had to do lots and lots of research on them and it turns out that while they do well in small tanks, it is best if they are in at least* a 2 gallon tank, but preferably 5 gallons. even though they will live fine in small enclosures, giving them more space will make them happier and healthier and will live a little longer. mine was a bit sad for the first two weeks, he barely moved and would look like he “gasped” for air underwater and he COMPLETELY changed once i got him a 5 gallon tank, he just look more happy. he even started making a bubble nest! i’m teaching it tricks too, i wish i could get another but i have no space anywhere else in my home for another 5 gallon tank LOL, i ended up taking the artificial plants out because they tore his tail a bit, and decided to submerge two small bamboo plants and he loves it (and the plants are thriving too) he uses them as a rest spot. 🙂 anyway, just thought you should know about the tank size and what not 🙂

    is that method cleaner from the organic isle? i’ve never seen it!
    the chicken tacos look amazing!!! i had some shrimp tacos last week for taco tuesday xD

    thanks for sharing, have an amazing week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Rossy! Thank you for the advice about my Betta’s but they are actually extremely happy and believe it or not my yellow Betta was actually very upset in a bigger tank. They constantly have bubble nests & are little swimmers!

      Liked by 1 person

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