Bucket list: The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Flowers, England, and a great view. Three of my very favourite things. 

Although I’ve never been to England, it’s among the many places that my heart absolutely desires to travel to. My heritage can be traced back to the United Kingdom, and I’ve always felt a longing to go and travel the lands where my ancestors came from.

Naturally (me being me) I spend loads of time either looking on Instagram for cool places in the UK, reading blogs from people who live in the UK, or just google searching the historical background of specific places in the UK. While I was doing one of those three things I came across this breath taking restaurant that made it to the top of my bucket list. It is without a doubt the most gorgeous and Insta worthy place that I’m sure photos don’t even do justice.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is the cutest yet elegant all day casual dining restaurant in the heart of posh Chelsea, London (did I use that word right?)

Located on London’s enduringly desirable King’s Road, The Ivy Chelsea Garden brings the familiar luxury of The Ivy on West Street to a relaxed yet sophisticated all-day dining restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.

– theivychelseagarden.com

For those of you like myself who did not understand the hype of the neighbourhood Chelsea, this is what I found on Trip Advisor:

A neighborhood in London that is known for King’s Road and Carnaby Street in Soho, which formed the center of “Swinging London” in the Sixties.

Whatever it’s known for, it sure does look fancy!

Okay now that we know a little bit about Chelsea, lets swoon over the restaurant located in the heart of it- that captured my heart.

The first thing that caught my attention about The Ivy Chelsea Garden is their mouth-dropping extensive terrace and garden. It is filled with plants and aesthetics that will make your eye balls so happy. It’s so vibrant and dreamy, a picture lovers dream come true.

The garden is open during the summer season, from 12p-10p 7 days a week! I would seriously spend everyday here, on the terrace surrounding by plants reading a book if I could.

The garden and terrace feature classic design elements, including arched antique mirrors, leafy trellises and an eclectic mix of antique pots and planters to complement magnolias, hydrangeas, cyclamens and Boston ferns amongst others, making the garden relaxed and luscious. Our beautiful terrace will welcome you with its upholstered velvet chairs and cushions, flickering candles & cosy rugs, and a central fountain in the garden, making it the perfect spot for your lunches, afternoon teas and dinners all year around.

– theivychelseagarden.com

I know you’re thinking okkkaaayy does it get better than this?

Why yes, yes it does.

The aesthetically pleasing restaurant doesn’t let you down when you step inside, it’s just as beautiful as the garden and the terrace.

Aesthetic aside, the menu looks impeccable. Just from reading their menu online my mouth is watering, book my flight right to The Ivy Chelsea Garden please!

They have four main menus that go as followed:

Monday- Friday 8a-11:30a
Saturday 8a-11a
Sunday 9a-11a

A La Carte
Monday-Friday 11:30a-11p
Saturday 4p-11:30p
Sunday 4p-10:30p

Weekend Brunch
Saturday, Sunday 11a-4p

Brunch Waffles

and of course Desserts.

If you need a perfect spot to host a celebration or party, you’ll be obsessed with the private dining room.

Depending on what type of tables you want (one long rectangle table or 3 smaller round tables) this amazing room fits 24-30 of your favourite people. It’s available for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner and also provides you with a Canapé reception that holds up to 50 people!!!

Decorated in a similar style to The Ivy Chelsea Garden, the walls of The Private Room are adorned with colourful vintage botanical prints and sumptuous floral artwork. The bespoke patterned white Carrara and Fior de Pesco grey marble tiled flooring, eclectic mix of vintage dining chairs upholstered with bold floral and palm printed fabric and hanging gilt leaf pendants add a touch of glamour to the room.

– theivychelseagarden.com

Are you sold? I was from the very first picture I saw of this magical place.

Make sure you check out The Ivy Chelsea Garden on Instagram! 

What restaurant is on your bucket list? Let me know in the comment section below!

As always,


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13 responses to “Bucket list: The Ivy Chelsea Garden”

  1. Okay these photos are dreamy, and that private dining room, wow! Perfect for an event right!? Love it. Also hun, if you like the sound of Chelsea and all things England, I recommend you watch the show ‘Made In Chelsea’, I wouldn’t be surprised if they visit this place at some point during but girl, it will give you all these vibes and more. Hope you enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks absolutely stunning and I definitely would love to go here! I have been to the area before, but I want to check this place out and take my mum with me! Thanks for sharing xxx


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