February Favourites

Hey guys! Late again with the monthly favourites, I know I know– I promised to do better and I’ll step it up for next month.

With February being a short month (even with the leap year) I feel like it was also a slow month when it comes to my favourites. Nonetheless, I still have a few things that I’ve discovered this month that are worth sharing so let’s dive in!

Tv Shows

+ Call the Midwife

My gf tried to get me to watch this show a while back and boy do I regret not listening to her. For someone who originally wanted (and still do) to become a Midwife, I don’t know why the title alone didn’t scream out to me.

This show is on BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) and is set in England in the 1950’s. You’ll fall in love with each characters personality and be silently routing for your faves. If you love birth, history, drama, and comedy then this will be right up your ally.

You can find this wonderful show and all of its 8 seasons on Netflix! They are currently still taping this series, and are in the middle on season 9!

call the midwife

+ Cheer

This show changed my entire perspective on Cheerleading. These athletes are seriously put through the wringer, mentally and physically but come out as champions.

It was amazing to see everything that goes into the sport, and it was sincerely touching to hear the stories of some of the members of the team and how being on the team changed their life for the better. Also meeting Monica (the head coach) was surreal, she’s a powerhouse and I wish she was my Mom lol.

One episode and you’ll be hooked I promise! You can find this 6-part documentary on Netflix!


+ That 70’s Show

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper favourites post if I didn’t post about a throwback TV show. Usually I have FRIENDS playing in the background all day everyday, but lately I’ve been mixing it up and playing something a little different.

This show is so funny and it reminds me of my Dad + Brother because they also love this show. It’s great because just like FRIENDS it’s easy to just turn it on and have it in the background for white noise but when you want to tune in you don’t have to necessarily follow the entire storyline to know whats going on.

This show has 8 seasons and they are all available on Netflix!

that 70's show


+ Keurig

In case you missed my IG post, let me fill you in here about how much I love my Keurig. I got it around my birthday this year and its been receiving waaay too much use since.

I love how easy it is to brew a single cup and how fast it brews! I love my Tim Hortons coffee and its great that you can use reusable pods in the machine so that you can still invest in the bulk tin of coffee while also being environmentally conscious.



+ St Ives body wash

Recently I ran out of body wash, so I decided to try something new. Usually I try to avoid St. Ives because I’ve heard so many controversial things about the company but this body wash happens to be PETA certified cruelty-free, paraban-free, made with plant-based cleaners, and they use they use 100% recycled plastic bottles for their packaging!

It smells ah-mayyyy-zing and makes my skin so soft because it’s also a natural exfoliant that is super gentle but definitely shows you a noticeable difference!

St. Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Exfoliating Body Wash 22 oz

+ kush mascara

This past Christmas (or was it my birthday? They’re too close together, oops) my gf gifted me this mascara and it’s been my go-to ever since. I swear that since it’s infused with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil my eyelashes have actually grown from using it.

Not to mention the length and volume that this mascara gives me with such little product- this is great because you don’t have to apply multiple layers and risk it clumping your eyelashes together.

KUSH High Volume mascara 4ml


+ Cozi calendar

Do you and your spouse/kids have opposite schedules or such busy schedules that it’s hard to keep up with each other? This app is amazing and will help to solve all of your problems.

Cozi Calendar is an app that allows you to add multiple members of your family (under one username and password, so convenient) to one calendar and colour codes each event according to who it belongs to! No more guessing.

That wraps up February’s favourites! I hope that you were able to find something new to watch, listen to, or put into your amazon cart.

Let me know what your favourites in February were in the comment section below!

To my fellow bloggers— if you have a February Favourites blog post leave the link in the comment section, I’d love to check it out!

As always,


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16 responses to “February Favourites”

  1. I love That 70’s Show! One of my favorites!
    And wow those candles look super cuteeee!!
    I have that kush mascara waiting to be opened (I have so many stashed from subs) and cannot wait to use it! Everyone that has tried it so far says its really good. I dont remember what my favorites were in February lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch That’s 70’s show and I’ve dipped in and out of Call the Midwife. Now I may finally have the time to watch them! Also St Ive’s bodywash looks great. I love anything grapefruit scented to wake me up


  3. The Midwives show sounds so good, love that it’s based on a true story in such a different time period. Def gonna check that one out.

    Thanks for sharing! ♡


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